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MCC Stewardship Webinar

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MCC Stewardship Webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MCC Stewardship Webinar. Saturday, 10 May 2014 Courtesy of the MCC Office of Church Life and Health a nd the MCC San Diego Stewardship Team. Pastor Dan Koeshall Senior Pastor since 2008; former Interim Pastor at Pikes Peak MCC in Colorado Springs, CO

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Presentation Transcript
mcc stewardship webinar

MCC Stewardship Webinar

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Courtesy of the MCC Office of Church Life and Health


the MCC San Diego Stewardship Team

mcc san diego stewardship team

Pastor Dan Koeshall Senior Pastor since 2008; former Interim Pastor at Pikes Peak MCC in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Lee Bowman Administrator since 1999; former Administrator at MCC of the Rockies in Denver, CO
  • Al Smithson Vice-Moderator of the Board for more than 40 years and a founding member of MCC San Diego
  • Jude Litzenberger MCC Southwestern US Network Co-Leader and Network Facilitator
  • Dan Bohan Chair of the Stewardship Team
MCC San Diego Stewardship Team

This presentation has been prepared by a U.S. MCC church. Some elements may need to be adapted for churches outside the U.S.

Documents available for download at:

al smithson

Al Smithson

Q: As one of the founding members of MCC San Diego, can you provide us with an example of how stewardship was handled in the early years of the congregation?

Dan Bohan

rev dan koeshall

Rev. Dan Koeshall

Since your arrival at MCC San Diego you spearheaded efforts to bring a formal stewardship team to MCC San Diego. Please briefly describe how the stewardship initiative developed.

Dan Bohan

pastor dan

Pastor Dan

Q: Why do you believe that it is so important to include discussions about giving within the congregation?

Dan Bohan

basic stewardship
Basic Stewardship

The importance of year-around elements


celebrate your ministries and programs
Celebrate Your Ministries and Programs

Don’t pass up any opportunity to highlight what’s available.

Demonstrate gratitude to those who volunteer their time and expertise.

Dan Bohan

utilize events to build fellowship
Utilize Events to Build Fellowship

MCC at the 2013 San Diego Pride Parade

Lee Bowman

build a care team and demonstrate hospitality
Build a Care Team and Demonstrate Hospitality

Fellowship blossoms where congregants come together

Dan Bohan

create transparency
Create Transparency

Utilize the numbers to remind congregants about giving opportunities

Dan Bohan

establish a fundraising team and a calendar of events
Establish a Fundraising Team and a Calendar of Events

Annual Bake Sale & Auction

Pastor Dan

online fellowship
Online Fellowship

Keep your website and social media current

Lee Bowman

beyond the basics
Beyond the Basics

Elevate Your Stewardship

Dan Bohan

automatic giving
Automatic Giving

Encourage Your Congregants to Enroll Themselves in Automatic Checking Through Their Online Bank Accounts

Dan Bohan

automatic giving1
Automatic Giving

Automatic giving cards enable electronic donors to take part in the offering and demonstrate to other congregants that folks are utilizing this important and consistent giving tool

Dan Bohan

christmas wish list
Christmas Wish List

Dual Purpose:

Enables congregants to comprehend the costs involved with running a church and breaks down elements into easy-to-fund categories

Lee Bowman

comprehensive planned giving opportunities
Comprehensive Planned Giving Opportunities

Educating your congregation about including MCC in their estate

Dan Bohan

the pledge drive
The Pledge Drive

Advancing Stewardship

Dan Bohan

pledge drive sermon series
Pledge Drive Sermon Series

Preaching about time, treasure & talent on three Sundays during the pledge drive

Pastor Dan

creating a timeline
Creating a Timeline

The who, what and when of your pledge drive

Dan Bohan

the letter
The Letter

“Doing My Part”

Dan Bohan

pledge drive card
Pledge Drive Card


Lee Bowman

pledge drive card1
Pledge Drive Card


Lee Bowman

tracking gifts
Tracking Gifts

Giving is fun!

Dan Bohan

develop a script for the pledge drive presentation
Develop a Script for the Pledge Drive Presentation

A presentation from the lectern needs to be formally prepared

Don’t forget to make your font large so it is easy to read

Dan Bohan

provide the audio visual volunteer with their own copy of the script
Provide the Audio-Visual Volunteer With Their Own Copy of the Script

Include any directions that will improve the quality of your presentation

Dan Bohan

pledge drive presentation
Pledge Drive Presentation

From the lectern and using a projector

Dan Bohan

pledge drive loop
Pledge Drive Loop

Run this every Sunday during your pledge drive, on a computer monitor or smart TV in your social hall of church foyer

Dan Bohan


Resources are available for download at:


Thank you to all the participants!Thank you to MCC San Diego for sharing your resources and blessing us today!