new york real estate for brokers 5 th e n.
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New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5 th e PowerPoint Presentation
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New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5 th e

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New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5 th e. By Marcia Darvin Spada Cengage Learning. Chapter 6. Construction and Development Part I: Construction. Chapter 6 Key Terms. Amperage Area variance Article 9-A of the Real Property Law Blueprint Building code Building permit

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New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5 th e

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new york real estate for brokers 5 th e

New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5the

By Marcia Darvin Spada

Cengage Learning

Chapter 6.1 Construction

chapter 6

Chapter 6

Construction and Development

Part I: Construction

Chapter 6.1 Construction

chapter 6 key terms
Chapter 6 Key Terms


Area variance

Article 9-A of the Real Property Law


Building code

Building permit

Building specifications

Certificate of occupancy (CO)

Circuit breakers

Completion bond


Cumulative zoning


Due diligence


Eminent domain

Exclusive-use zoning




Chapter 6.1 Construction

chapter 6 key terms continued
Chapter 6 Key Terms (continued)




Platform construction

Police power

Property condition disclosure (PCD)


Regulatory taking


Sill plate

Slab-on-grade foundation

Special-use permit

Spot zoning

Steep slope


Subdivision regulations

Use variance



Zoning ordinance

Chapter 6.1 Construction

the basic parts of a house
The Basic Parts of a House

Chapter 6.1 Construction

foundation and footings
Foundation and Footings

Chapter 6.1 Construction

slab on grade construction
Slab-on-grade construction

Chapter 6.1 Construction

structure framing
Structure Framing

Chapter 6.1 Construction

a non load bearing wall
A Non-Load Bearing Wall

Chapter 6.1 Construction

ceiling and roof framing
Ceiling and Roof Framing
  • Roof truss system-
    • truss carries the load-bearing function of the outer walls
  • Rafters-
    • wooden framing members that form the gables of the roof

Chapter 6.1 Construction

exterior covering
Exterior Covering

Chapter 6.1 Construction

electrical systems
Electrical Systems

Chapter 6.1 Construction

above ground and underground service
Above Ground and Underground Service

Chapter 6.1 Construction

main panel board
Main Panel Board

Chapter 6.1 Construction

wiring materials
Wiring Materials

Chapter 6.1 Construction

junction boxes and outlets
Junction Boxes and Outlets

Junction Box

Contains wiring and used for space for electrical connections


Point on wiring system where current is taken to supply equipment


Connected to branch circuit wires that supply current to equipment


Open and close electrical circuits

Chapter 6.1 Construction

ground fault circuit interrupter
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Chapter 6.1 Construction

american s with disabilities act
American’s with Disabilities Act
  • Protects the rights of individuals with disabilities
  • Disability is defined in USC 42, Sec. 12101, as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of a person’s major life activities
  • Covers public accommodations and multi-family residences

Chapter 6.1 Construction

comprehensive response compensation and liability act cercla
Comprehensive Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)

Identify sites containing hazardous substances

Superfund Amendment expands Act

Liability may be passed to new owners

Due diligence reviews conducted to avoid liability to new owner in title transfer

Chapter 6.1 Construction

ny standards laws and regulations
NY Standards, Laws, and Regulations
  • NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
  • NYS Energy Code
  • Warranties on Sales of New Homes
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
  • NYS Article 9-A
  • NYS Environmental Conservation Law
  • Home Improvement Contracts
  • NYS Human Rights Law

Chapter 6.1 Construction

water supply
Water Supply

Chapter 6.1 Construction

water quality and flow issues
Water Quality and Flow Issues

Public or private

Water safety-bacteria, mineral content

Testing and remediation

Laboratory tests performed for well water

Chapter 6.1 Construction

private water supply systems
Private Water Supply Systems

A well utilizes


State and local department of health guidelines

Well water quality and flow contingency contracts

Well water samples can be tested

Chapter 6.1 Construction

building departments
Building Departments

Chapter 6.1 Construction


Chapter 6.1 Construction

historic preservation landmark commission
Historic Preservation/Landmark Commission
  • Recommends adoption of ordinances
  • Preserving historical districts, landmarks, and historic sites
  • Reviewing and approving applications for construction, alteration, demolition, or relocation of a historic property or object
  • Recognizing subdistricts within a preservation district

Chapter 6.1 Construction

police power
Police Power

Federal, state, and local government power to legislate for the public good

Zoning ordinances are an example of police power

Chapter 6.1 Construction

seller property condition disclosure
Seller Property Condition Disclosure

Presented before buyer signs contract

of sale

May help protect

licensees from liability

Chapter 6.1 Construction


Chapter 6.1 Construction

the residential leadbased paint hazard reduction act
The Residential Leadbased Paint Hazard Reduction Act

Federal law

Pre-1978 residential properties

Disclosure of leadbased paint if known

Disclosure by seller, lessors, their agents

Up to$10,000fine for noncompliance

Chapter 6.1 Construction

testing for lead in water and paint
Testing for Lead in Water and Paint

Lab will test paint chip

Lead testing swabs for solder, soil, paint and dust

Lead in water-lab tested sample

Best to leave paint in place if in good condition and not disturbed by children

Chapter 6.1 Construction