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Shared Learning Experience. WELCOME!. Session Three. Aiming Real Leaders at the Mission Field. Core Purpose. Our core purpose today is to help participants understand the kind of leadership and communication needed to lead a church through change. Objectives.

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Session Three

Aiming Real Leaders at the Mission Field

core purpose
Core Purpose

Our core purpose today is to help participants understand the kind of leadership and communication needed to lead a church through change.


Understand how critical communication is to change process.

Identify the qualities of effective leaders.

Discover methods to use to determine spiritual, physical, social needs of your community and how God wants your church to address them.


Learn the importance of recruiting, developing and reproducing effective leaders continually.

  • Understand the importance of establishing 3 key teams



-Leadership Development

ground rules
Ground Rules
  • Be on time
  • Be engaged
  • Be curious
  • Be respectful:

Please silence cell phones

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27

13 The next day Moses sat as a judge for the people, while the people stood around Moses from morning until evening. 14 When Moses’ father-in-law saw all that he was doing for the people, he said, “What’s this that you are doing for the people? Why do you sit alone, while all the people are standing around you from morning until evening?”

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

15 Moses said to his father-in-law, “Because the people come to me to inquire of God. 16 When a conflict arises between them, they come to me and I judge between the two of them. I also teach them God’s regulations and instructions.”

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english1
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

17 Moses’ father-in-law said to him, “What you are doing isn’t good. 18 You will end up totally wearing yourself out, both you and these people who are with you. The work is too difficult for you. You can’t do it alone. 19 Now listen to me and let me give you some advice. And may God be with you! Your role should be to represent the people before God. You should bring their disputes before God yourself.

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english2
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

20 Explain the regulations and instructions to them. Let them know the way they are supposed to go and the things they are supposed to do. 21 But you should also look among all the people for capable persons who respect God. They should be trustworthy and not corrupt. Set these persons over the people as officers of groups of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens.

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english3
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

22 Let them sit as judges for the people at all times. They should bring every major dispute to you, but they should decide all of the minor cases themselves. This will be much easier for you, and they will share your load. 23 If you do this and God directs you, then you will be able to endure. And all these people will be able to go back to their homes much happier.”

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english4
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

24 Moses listened to his father-in-law’s suggestions and did everything that he had said. 25 Moses chose capable persons from all Israel and set them as leaders over the people, as officers over groups of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. 26 They acted as judges for the people at all times. They would refer the hard cases to Moses, but all of the minor cases they decided themselves.

spiritual centering exodus 18 13 27 common english5
Spiritual CenteringExodus 18:13-27 (Common English)

27 Then Moses said good-bye to his father-in-law, and Jethro went back to his own country.

reflection questions
Reflection Questions…

Describe a time you stopped to ask yourself in the midst of ministry busyness, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”

Have you ever been in a similar situation to Moses? What did you do about it? Are you there now?

In what ways do you and your church leadership develop teams to carry out the mission of the church?

action plan review tips for a good discussion
Action Plan ReviewTips for a Good Discussion

Time-keeper and Facilitator

Each person share

Move the discussion along-20 min

Away from “right or wrong” and

toward learning and growth

5. Peer mentoring opportunities

action plan review questions
Action Plan ReviewQuestions
  • Application Learning:How did you apply what you learned to your specific situation?
  • Peer Mentoring:How can your teammates help you achieve your plans?
  • Accountability:Were you able to accomplish your plan? If not, what got in the way?
action plan review assignments
Action Plan ReviewAssignments

Did you make a plan for how you will spread what you are learning with others in your church?

Did you register with MissionInsite and discuss your findings in your debriefing session with your pastor?

direct hit key concepts1
Direct Hit – Key Concepts

Two reasons churches remain inwardly focused:

People are not willing to lead, or don’t believe they are leaders.

The leadership of the church doesn’t have a well-developed communication strategy to lead the church through change.

direct hit key concepts2
Direct Hit – Key Concepts

Leadership Topics for Today:

  • The Importance of Communication
  • The Qualities of Effective Leaders
  • Leadership Development and Reproduction
  • God’s Heart for Your Community
  • Three Teams of Leaders
direct hit communication
Direct Hit – Communication

The ability of an organization to effectively accomplish its purpose is ultimately determined by leaders who are effective because they communicate well.

direct hit communication1
Direct Hit – Communication

Your job as a church leader is to lead the congregation to find strategies that enable followers of Jesus to effectively reach lost and dying people with the Good News.

direct hit communication2
Direct Hit – Communication

Renewal that refocuses believers on seriously carrying out the Great Commission is perhaps the greatest priority facing the church.

Leaders desiring to drive such change must understand that this demands the strategic use of words.

direct hit communication3
Direct Hit – Communication

A major overhaul of communication strategy is required to lead a change to fulfilling the Great Commission.

direct hit communication4
Direct Hit – Communication

One of the most effective ways to motivate people to get involved in a mission is to show them examples of others carrying it out. Show them people hitting the target.

Celebrate successes elaborately.

direct hit communication5
Direct Hit – Communication

The vision must be communicated




direct hit communication6
Direct Hit – Communication

Vision is cast primarily through well-told stories

with compelling metaphors.

direct hit communication7
Direct Hit – Communication

A crucial element of communicating effectively in order to move a church from being inwardly focused to being mission focused is communicating urgency.

The presentation of vision must always be accompanied by a presentation of urgency.

direct hit communication8
Direct Hit – Communication

Wise leaders always give people a choice between a preferable future and an unacceptable present.

direct hit the great commission
Direct Hit The Great Commission

8 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authorityin heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciplesof all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obeyeverything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.”

direct hit the great commission1
Direct Hit The Great Commission

“The Great Commission”

by arikodi

Jesus gave all His authority to us, and He expects results.

direct hit leadership qualities
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Passionfor God, for reaching the lost. Willing to die for this.

direct hit leadership qualities1
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Courageto shift the power center of the church away from those who are not mission-focused to those who are.

direct hit leadership qualities2
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Flexibilityabout how the mission is carried out. Unbending about the mission itself.

direct hit leadership qualities3
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Missional.Think strategically about how to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

direct hit leadership qualities4
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Missional leaders welcome accountability.

Missional leaders make sure people are discipled to:

Find their place in ministry.

Be engaged in the mission of the church to make disciples.

direct hit leadership qualities5
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Wisdom:the ability to apply biblical knowledge to human experience to produce a spiritual behavior that honors God.

direct hit leadership qualities6
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Wisdom directs a pastor that if a congregation member chooses not to participate in making disciples, then they are not given a voice or authorityin how the mission will be accomplished.

direct hit leadership qualities7
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Positiveabout the Lord’s ability to go before us and produce Victory.

direct hit leadership qualities8
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Positive leaders believe that the people they lead:

Want to serve.

Want to be effective.

Are willing to sacrifice for the cause.

direct hit leadership qualities9
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Positive leaders don’t use guilt. God has wired humans to not respond to service on the basis of guilt. We respond when we get avision of a great God who has called to great things.

direct hit leadership qualities10
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Responsibility:Effective leaders don’t blame others or make excuses when things are not going well.

direct hit leadership qualities11
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

Unfortunately, the church shies away from responsibility perhaps better than any other organization in society.

Pastors and lay leaders often perform in an environment where faithful endeavor is honored, but fruitful results are not expected nor demanded.

direct hit leadership qualities12
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

The importance of

Leadership Development

and Reproduction!

direct hit leadership development
Direct Hit Leadership Development

A congregation grows in proportion to the number of new leadersthat are being developed every year.

direct hit leadership development1
Direct Hit Leadership Development

One of the reasons churches become inwardly-focused and begin to die is that people in the congregation do not believethey are leaders.

direct hit leadership development2
Direct Hit Leadership Development

The key to growing a healthy, fruitful congregation is to develop a leadership community that is constantly identifyingand growingnew leaders.

direct hit leadership qualities13
Direct Hit Leadership Qualities

God’s heart for your


direct hit god s heart for your community
Direct Hit God’s Heart for Your Community

The most basic question every Christian must wrestle with is whether a person living in this world is a lostindividual, spiritually separated from God….

direct hit god s heart for your community1
Direct Hit God’s Heart for Your Community

If lostpeople matter to God, they mustmatter to us.

direct hit god s heart for your community2
Direct Hit God’s Heart for Your Community

How you can determine God’s heart for your community:


Exegete (understand) your community.

Assess your congregation’s strengths.

direct hit god s heart for your community3
Direct Hit God’s Heart for Your Community
  • The Leader’s
  • Passion

Holy Spirit




  • The Community’s
  • Needs
  • The Congregation’s
  • Strengths

Where the community’s needs intersect with the congregation’s strengths and the leader’s passionis your church’s sweet spot for ministry.

direct hit the need to establish 3 teams
Direct Hit The Need to Establish 3 Teams

Team One:


Team Two:

Vision or Dream

Team Three:



direct hit prayer team
Direct Hit Prayer Team

It should have been put in place at the beginning of FCJ.

Uniquely different from other church prayer teams.

Focus is on the FCJ process and the church’s mission, especially the church reaching out to and connecting with its community.

direct hit vision or dream team
Direct Hit Vision or Dream Team

Works closely with the pastor to dream about the church’s future.

Studies the community to understand its needs and dreams.

Discerns where God is at work and how the church should join in.

NOTE: Wait until Step 2 of FCJ before creating this team.

direct hit leadership development team
Direct Hit Leadership Development Team

This is your FCJ Team!

Use this curriculum as your initial study.

Look for new leaders.

Provide training for leaders beyond your team throughout the Shared Learning Experience and even after it ends.

next step assignments
Next-Step Assignments

Make sure your church has a prayer team for the FCJ.

Continue to make and carry out a plan for sharing what you are learning with others.

Conduct some interviews with people in your community.

Go to for resources.

continue the conversation
Continue the Conversation!

1. Facebook page =

2. Blog Site =

our fcj toolbox
Our FCJ Toolbox

Asking the “so that…” question

Using a team/church covenant

MissionInsite demographic tool

Prayer Team

Leadership Development Team

core purpose1
Core Purpose

Our core purpose today was to help participants understand the kind of leadership and communication needed to lead a church through change.


Understand how critical communication is to change process.

Identify the qualities of effective leaders.

Discover methods to use to determine spiritual, physical, social needs of your community and how God wants your church to address them.

  • Understand the importance of establishing 3 key teams



-Leadership Development

wrap up closing
Wrap-Up & Closing

Next book:

Taking Your Church to the Next Level, byGary McIntosh