e x ess integration in erp n.
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E x ESS Integration in ERP PowerPoint Presentation
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E x ESS Integration in ERP

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E x ESS Integration in ERP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E x ESS Integration in ERP
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  1. ExESSIntegration in ERP ExESS integrated in ERP

  2. ExESS IT toolbox ExESS in ERP systems ExESS integrated in ERP

  3. ERP data & ExESS • Article and Product data • Reference Code • Reference Numbers • Composition • BOM • Origin • Order information • … • Supplier and Client information • Addresses • SDS, ES, eSDS management • … • Structural relations • Product – Supplier – Client • Dates/orders/sales • Trade Volumes • … ExESS integrated in ERP

  4. Reasons for ERP data & ExESS Substance Volume tracking SVHC management Validated document links Legal Entity – Site – BU relations Automated e-SDS communication PRODUCT – SUPPLIER – CLIENT relation REACH USE management ExESS integrated in ERP

  5. The ExESS solution Chemicals Management is based in a lot of data organized in external IT systems like ERP and tailer-made IT solutions ExESS brings all this data in one centralized database and adds libraries, reporting and calculation algorithms ExESS integrated in ERP

  6. ExESS Chemicals Management REACH compliant 1 existing IT 2 improve data input 3 add and feed SCC IT tools 4 Improve/replace inefficient IT extra data REACH (CLP)IN REACH (CLP) OUT SIMS EH&S .new. EH&S DU management Inventories extra data extra data Use existing IT and add or improve only where necessary ExESS integrated in ERP

  7. ExESS inside the ERP/ext IT world ExESS integrated in ERP

  8. ExESS Safety Management ERP System Materials Employees Prices Suppliers Clients Installations … Manual input … a wide range of possibilities reporting e-mails, data transfer Web applicaties (intranet) Existing IT systems Other IT systems Data Sources ExESS database ExESS integrated in ERP

  9. ExESS Chemicals Management ExESS integrated in ERP

  10. ExESS interfacing MS Windows Scheduled task Web Services • MS office • COPY/PASTE • Excel import • Excel export • WORD document generation • Excel document generation • … • Tailor-made interfacing • CSV, tab delimited, XML, … • ExESS API • Dedicated developed Application Interface SAP Environment, Health and Safety - Open Content Connector (EH&S-OCC) ExESS integrated in ERP

  11. ExESS interfacing : File exchange versus API ExESS ↔ ERP or ext. IT : file exchange Manual or tool (Windows sheduled tasks) Data file Existing ERP/IT systems ExESS API : Dedicated developed Application Interface Existing ERP/IT systems Web application API QUESTION ANSWER ExESS integrated in ERP

  12. ExESS – SAP Open Content Connector (EH&S-OCC) http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/index?rid=/webcontent/uuid/8a0cfd8f-0801-0010-5080-c951d990a0ff The EH&S Open Content Connector (OCC) is an open XML-based interface to load external content into the SAP EH&S specification database. It focuses on content for regulatory data for product safety and dangerous goods. Other scopes like physical/chemical data or regulatory data for other EH&S modules , etc.) are also supported. SAP EH&S SAP EH&S – OCC REMARK : The integration based on this interface is made tailor/made to match the ExESS and the SAP properties ExESS integrated in ERP

  13. ExESS interfacing : What to do ? • For data exchange • Define properties and types to exchange • Define who is data master/protocol • Define the upgrade rules (delete, overwrite, doubles, …) • Implement in ExESS • … • For API use (example Web application) • Specify the operational procedure • Specify the commands to exchange • Implementation on ExESS • … ExESS integrated in ERP

  14. Examples and References ExESS integrated in ERP

  15. ExESS, more with less Americas – Asia - Europe LisamAmerica, Inc. 3131 E. 29th Street, Ste. E Bryan, Texas 77802 +1 979.595.1444 LISAM SYSTEMS | HEMMIS Office Belgium| Vlaanderenstraat 3A - B-8501 Heule | www.lisam.com email : FransL@lisam.com Office +32 (0)56 372637 | Fax +32 (0)56 372324 | Mobile +32 (0)477 292519 Although the information in this presentation has been presented in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of compilation, LISAM SYSTEMS GROUP cannot assure this presentation to be free of errors or omissions and will not be responsible assuring the completeness or accuracy of the information in this presentation ExESS integrated in ERP