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Magic Mushrooms PowerPoint Presentation
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Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms

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  1. Magic Mushrooms

  2. 1) Start with a low dose. Never take more than 1 gram of shrooms. Wait for 90 minutes. If you feel ok and want to get higher take some more. (2) Make sure there is nothing to important to do for the next 24 hours. No work, no school, no visiting of friends or family (3) Make sure to trip in a relaxed environment. Busy environments with lots of people and noise may cause an information overload. Choose a place where you are not bothered by people not involved in the experience. Choose a calm, place. Choose a place that is familiar to you, a place you know and where you feel safe. (4) Make sure to trip with people you know, like and trust. there should be someone around that is not on them.

  3. (1) Never take magic mushrooms when you have second thoughts about taking them. (2) Never take magic mushrooms when you have mental problems. (3) Never take magic mushrooms when you are feeling depressed. (4) Never take magic mush rooms when you have a tendency to paranoia. (5) Never take magic mushrooms when you are pregnant. (6) Never take magic mushrooms when you are alone. (7) Never take magic mushrooms when you are using prescription drugs (8) Never drive on magic mushrooms. (9) Do not use magic mushrooms as a party drug(like alcohol or XTC).

  4. 7000-9000 years ago ancient cave paintings show show gods covered in mushrooms it is believed that hallucinogenic mushrooms helped inspire many cave paintings many people believe that mushrooms help them find god and it is an inspirational experience

  5. Shrooms will cause an effect similar to LSD. Loss of reality may be experienced and severe anxiety and paranoia can occur. You may experience a bad trip. The most important rule to prevent a bad trip is START WITH A LOW DOSE OH NO I ATE TO MANY MUSHROOMS

  6. Never pick shrooms unless you no for sure there non poisons some look a likes have no effect on you until up to 2 weeks latter you need a liver transplant

  7. Magic mushrooms are not illegal in most places you can grow as many as you want and the police cant touch them but if you harvest and dry them you can be arrested

  8. Magic mushrooms contain Psilocybe it is a psychedelic drug that causes hallucinations and a sense of euphoria usually after 30 mins after a about 2-3 hours you reach the peak of the buzz Some people react to hallucinogenic mushrooms by vomiting and stomach pains.

  9. In my opinion if people are going to do drugs besides marijuana the should do mushrooms it doesn’t twist your head up like acid and it doesn’t eat holes In your brain like E , its not addictive and has no withdrawal effects