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San Joaquin County

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San Joaquin County. Child Welfare Improvement. San Joaquin County Demographics. Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Child Welfare Improvement. Differential Response Team Decision-Meeting Disproportionality. I. Differential Response. Differential Response Assessment.

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san joaquin county

San Joaquin County

Child Welfare Improvement

san joaquin county demographics
San Joaquin County Demographics

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

child welfare improvement
Child Welfare Improvement
  • Differential Response
  • Team Decision-Meeting
  • Disproportionality
differential response assessment
Differential Response Assessment
  • Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF) with Federal Funding
  • Differential Response Program began in December 2002
  • Contracted with the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)
  • Program entitled First Step Resource Response (FSRR)
  • $160,000 (2002/2003)
child abuse prevention council fsrr sub contractors
Child Abuse Prevention Council FSRR Sub-Contractors
  • Women’s Center of San Joaquin County
    • Domestic violence issues with children in the home
  • Council for Spanish Speaking
    • Families with Spanish as their primary language
first step resource response
First Step Resource Response
  • 35 Path 1 cases per week
  • CPS sends the family a letter
  • No confidentiality agreement is necessary when CPS sends referral to DR agencies,
    • They are an extension of the Agency by contract
  • CAPC assess family needs and refer to appropriate agencies for individualized information and resources
  • Family signs confidentiality agreement forms with CAPC or subcontractors
promoting safe and stable families funding
Promoting Safe and Stable Families Funding
  • $160,000 in 03/04
  • $160,000 in 04/05
  • $ 38,000 from 10/05–12/05
  • $ 95,000 from 1/06–6/06
  • $190,000 in 06/07
  • $190,000 in 07/08
additional differential response services
Additional Differential Response Services
  • Family Advocacy Support Team (FAST)
  • Differential Response Case Management
  • Domestic Violence Response Team
  • Differential Response Service Integration
women s center family advocacy support team fast
Began in July 2004

$38,000 per year

Path 1: 13 cases per week

Path 2 & 3: 12 cases per week

Domestic violence advocate out staffed at CPS

Women’s Center- Family Advocacy Support Team (FAST)
differential response case management program
Differential Response Case Management Program
  • San Joaquin County received CWSOIP funds
    • $378,418 (06/07)
    • $378,886 (07/08)
  • Provision of case management services for families who voluntarily accept services
Collaborating agencies:
    • Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • Community Partnership for Families
    • Council for Spanish Speaking
    • Women’s Center of San Joaquin County
    • Data Co-op of San Joaquin County
Referrals received from:
    • FSSR Program
    • FAST Program
    • Direct Referrals from CPS
    • Cross-referrals between agencies
CBO’s average per year:
    • 120 families
    • 240 children per year
  • Community Partnership for Families
    • Family Success Team (FST) meetings
  • Case management services provide:
    • Weekly contact with family and bi-weekly face-to-face contact
    • Written case plan
    • Manage case for a minimum of three months
domestic violence response team
Domestic Violence Response Team
  • Domestic Violence Response Team
    • CPS – out-stationed at Stockton Police Department
    • SPD
    • Women’s Center
    • Probation
    • Victim Witness
differential response service integration
Differential ResponseService Integration
  • San Joaquin County received funding from California Department of Social Services
  • Child Welfare Services Outcome and Improvement Project (CWSOIP)
  • $200,000 05/06
Community Partnership for Families was contracted to enhance service delivery system and integrate services:
    • Plan
    • Coordinate
    • Facilitate
    • Train
  • Served as the hub of services for collaborating public and non-profit agencies
differential response collaborative monthly meetings
Differential Response Collaborative Monthly Meetings
  • Beginning in 2005, Child Welfare Services:
    • Coordinates and facilitates a monthly meeting of the partners
    • Approximately 25 - 30 individuals from various agencies attend
    • Focus on problem-solving strategies
    • Share resource information
Share outcome data
  • Arrange for CBO case managers to shadow CPS social workers
  • Funding updates
  • Case management software discussion
  • CPS sponsored training and CBO cross-training
  • CPS supervisor liaison:
    • Assist in case management issues
differential response case management software program
Differential Response Case Management Software Program
  • $50,000 in 05/06 in CWSOIP funds
  • Development and implementation of a software program for the CBO’s providing differential response
  • Utilized for case documentation, case management and outcome report information
  • $10,000 for 07/08 for software program support services
team decision meetings
Team Decision Meetings
  • CPS Emergency Response
  • Family Reunification
    • Families on Course Unite Successfully (FOCUS)
cps emergency response tdm s
CPS Emergency Response TDM’s
  • Began on July 1, 06
  • One TDM Coordinator
  • Intake & Assessment Units
    • Low to moderate risk cases
    • Team strategies how to best help family/child
    • Connect with community-based organizations
    • Prevent detention, if possible and safe
  • Court Units
  • Placement Issues

TDM and Case Management for Family Reunification Cases

  • Goal:To reduce the rate of re-entry into foster care
  • PSSF funding provided for TDM’s and post-reunification case management services:
    • 05/06 $60,000 (six months)
    • 06/07 $114,000
    • 07/08 $114,000
Awarded a contract to the Center for Positive Prevention Alternatives (CPPA)
    • Families on Course Unite Successfully (FOCUS)
  • Referrals come through the Family Social Work Program of CWS when families appear close to reunification
  • Since October ’06, TDM’s have averaged nine cases per month (initial and follow-up TDM’s)
how focus tdm s work
How FOCUS TDM’s Work
  • CWS referred to FOCUS families who are within two to three months of reunification
  • FOCUS coordinates and facilitates TDM
  • TDM held at Community Partnership for Families, Family Resource Centers, if possible
  • Goal of TDM:
    • Address case plan process
    • Develop a safety net for family
post reunification services
Post Reunification Services
  • Provide services for a minimum of three months or until the family appears to be stabilized
  • In addition to Family Social Worker, FOCUS provides case management services
    • Weekly contact and a minimum of one face-to-face visit per month
    • Goal is to serve up to 120 families per year
community resources available through focus program
Community Resources Available Through FOCUS Program
  • Center for Positive Prevention Alternatives
    • Individual & family therapy
    • Anger management classes
    • Youth decision group
    • Art-based therapy group
    • Parent support group
  • Council for Spanish Speaking
    • Case Management issues
    • Services for Spanish speaking people
Community Partnership for Families - Family Resource Centers
    • Housing
    • Financial planning
    • School related issues
    • Child care
    • Family safety
    • Case management services
  • Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • Crisis nursery services
    • Structured child care
    • Case management services
Women’s Center of San Joaquin County
    • Domestic violence counseling/support groups
    • Domestic violence shelter
    • Sexual assault counseling
    • Case management services
over representation of african american children in the cws
Over-Representation of African-American Children in the CWS
  • Disproportionate amount of African-American children in the Child Welfare System
    • Federal
    • State
    • County
  • 2005/2006 San Joaquin County convened a workgroup to determine how to approach this issue. Group consisting of:
    • Line Staff
    • Supervisors
    • Administrators
    • Facilitator
disproportionality in referrals
Disproportionality in Referrals

Source: University of California at Berkeley Center for Social Services Research

disproportionality in foster care
Disproportionality in Foster Care

Source: University of California at Berkeley Center for Social Services Research

05 06 disproportionality workgroup activities
05/06 Disproportionality Workgroup Activities
  • Organize the “Closing the Gap” Conference
  • Developed CWS specific training approach on the issue of bias
  • Regular meetings to move disproportionality efforts forward
closing the gap conference
“Closing the Gap” Conference
  • April 19, 2006
  • Approximately 300 participants
    • Social workers
    • Community-based agency representatives
    • Community members
  • Presenters:
    • Antwone Fisher
    • Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding
Presentation on County child welfare data
  • Community input on the issue of disproportionality
  • Models from other counties
  • Facilitated group discussions
    • Communicating about cultural issues
    • Improving work place practice
    • Societal issues
recommendations from conference
Recommendations from Conference
  • Increase cultural competency training for CWS staff
  • Bring families, community, public & private agencies together to identify best practice
  • Increase prevention & intervention services for families
  • Increase educational opportunities for parents
  • Invest resources to support reunification and/or kin placements
  • Hire more African-American’s in all positions
    • CWS
    • CBO’s
disproportionality activities 2006 2007
Disproportionality Activities 2006 - 2007
  • “One worker One solution at a Time” trainings for all administration, supervisory, and line staff as provided by Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding
  • System Partner Conferences
    • “Understanding CPS” presentation
  • Two community forums
    • “Understanding CPS” presentation
    • Approximately 130 participants
disproportionality activities 2007 2008
Disproportionality Activities 2007 - 2008
  • 2008 Children’s Services Coordinating Committee - Annual Child Abuse Workshop Presentation
  • Peer-to-Peer disproportionality training for administrators and supervisors
  • Identify additional staff trainings for practice strategies around disproportionality
  • Development of cultural considerations policy
  • Mobilization of community engagement activities