Defining the Future Initiative
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Defining the Future Initiative Joint Outreach Team Update. Jointly Sponsored by:. November 19, 2012. Agenda. Background Introduction Draft Recommendations JOT Milestones Q&A JOT Contacts. JOT Mission & Vision. Mission

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November 19 2012

Defining the Future InitiativeJoint Outreach Team Update

Jointly Sponsored by:

November 19, 2012





Draft Recommendations

JOT Milestones


JOT Contacts

Jot mission vision

JOT Mission & Vision


Identify opportunities and develop strategies to ensure the viability, sustainability, and resiliency of Western to continue to meet its core mission and respond to the energy challenges of the 21st Century.


Develop recommendations through a creative, deliberative, robust, informed and collaborative process in support of JOT’s mission.

Jot goals

JOT Goals

Support engagement with Western, DOE, and stakeholders.

Gather input through an extensive public engagement process to inform this effort.

Conduct a meaningful review of all stakeholder input gathered.

Ensure that JOT’s efforts are complementary with any ongoing parallel efforts both internal and external to Western.

Jot goals1

JOT Goals

Provide draft recommendations for review and comment and consider comments when developing final recommendations.

Submit final recommendations to the Secretary of Energy for consideration.

Jot guiding principles

JOT Guiding Principles


Conduct an open and transparent process.

Maintain JOT autonomy and independence necessary to achieve the mission.

Conduct periodic reviews of both process and products.

Jot guiding principles1

JOT Guiding Principles

For Draft Recommendations

Remember the unique attributes of the regions.

Coordinate with federal generation agencies (COE, BOR &IBWC).

Beneficiary/User pays.

Capture existing efforts that are being done and done well.

Consider limitations to Western’s authority and address as appropriate.



Beyond the guiding principles, Western needs:

To work with customers, stakeholders & tribes to understand the potential impacts of implementation

The ability to adapt to new obligations

Financial resource adequacy & certainty

To focus on activities at the wholesale level, leaving issues such as, energy efficiency, demand response or electric vehicles to retail providers

To continually examine its organizational capabilities

To engage in Enterprise Planning

Draft recommendations in three primary areas

Draft recommendationsin three primary areas:

Increasing Operational Efficiencies

Transmission Products and Service Opportunities

Variable Energy Integration

Increasing operational efficiencies

Increasing Operational Efficiencies

Determine the Required Regulation Reserve Capacity for each BA

Consolidate Western’s Four OASIS sites within the Western Interconnection

Revise Western’s Large Generation Interconnection Procedures

Study Western’s Transmission and Ancillary Services Rates to identify potential opportunities for consolidation; intra-regionally, inter-regionally, or Western-wide.

Transmission products and services opportunities

Transmission Products and Services Opportunities

Evaluate Western’s Rate-Setting Methodologies

Evaluate Western's EPAMP Integrated Resource Planning Program and improve program administration

Perform an Infrastructure Investment Study

Identify Potential Combined Transmission System Opportunities within CRSP, DSW & RMR

Explore Options for moving from Contract Path to a Flow Based environment

Evaluate transitioning Western’s Electric Power Training Center to NREL.

Variable energy integration

Variable Energy Integration

Coordinate implementation of FERC Order 764, including, Intra-Hour Scheduling

Evaluate the implementation of ACE Diversity Interchange, Reliability Based Controls, & Dynamic Scheduling System

Evaluate sub-regional and regional Energy Imbalance Market Initiatives

Establish a Renewable Energy Tribal Liaison position to help facilitate the integration of renewable energy projects.

Jot contacts

JOT Contacts

Online at:


JOT Leads:

Jenn DeCesaro, DOE

Ron Moulton, Western