9 03 explain ethical responsibility in the sports and entertainment industry n.
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9.03 Explain ethical responsibility in the sports and entertainment industry PowerPoint Presentation
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9.03 Explain ethical responsibility in the sports and entertainment industry

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9.03 Explain ethical responsibility in the sports and entertainment industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9.03 Explain ethical responsibility in the sports and entertainment industry. Ethics. Are the moral decisions of what is right or wrong. Ethical conduct. Ethical conduct of an organization is determined by the action,attitudes, or behavior of employees. Ethics.

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  • Are the moral decisions of what is right or wrong
ethical conduct
Ethical conduct
  • Ethical conduct of an organization is determined by the action,attitudes, or behavior of employees
  • Ethics of companies, athletes, and entertainers has come under increased public scrutiny in recent years.
code of ethics
Code of ethics
  • A written statement of responsibility for proper actions attitudes, or behaviors for employees.
ethical responsibilities to customers
Ethical responsibilities to customers
  • Full disclosure:

a. Customers must be informed of products features, conditions, and price.

b. Companies have responsibility to inform customers of negative results from the use of products.

ethical responsibilities to customers1
Ethical responsibilities to customers

2. Truth in advertising

a.False advertising is unethical and illegal.

ethical responsibilities to customers2
Ethical responsibilities to customers

b. “Bait and switch” practices lure customers with low-price product , but the company has no intent to sell that product to customer.

  • Company then attempts to persuade customer to purchase a higher priced product.
ethical responsibilities to customers3
Ethical responsibilities to customers

3. Price fixing is an illegal agreement between a manufacturer and a company to set prices for a product.

ethical responsibilities to customers4
Ethical responsibilities to customers

4. Unsafe products are manufactured with low quality or potentially harmful materials that could present hazard to customer.

  • Unsafe products can result in lawsuits and negative company or brand image.
ethical responsibilities to customers5
Ethical responsibilities to customers

5. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws such as advertised prices.

ethical responsibilities to customers6
Ethical responsibilities to customers
  • The Consumers Union is an independent, nonprofit testing and information organization that evaluates products for benefit of consumers
ethical responsibility of employees
Ethical responsibility of employees

1.Work habits

a. Be on time for work.

b. Work hard.

c. Be truthful and honest.

d. Be reliable and dependable.

e. Use initiative.

f. Give proper notice if leaving a job.

ethical responsibility of employees1
Ethical responsibility of employees

2. Loyalty

a. Keep confidential information classified.

b. Avoid gossip.

c. Practice good work habits.

ethical responsibility of employees2
Ethical responsibility of employees

3. Business image

a. Make good first impression with customers.

b. Perform conduct that reflects positively upon business.

character traits
Character traits
  • Courage

a. Having the determination to do right thing even when others don’t.

b. Having the strength to follow ones conscience rather than the crowd.

c. Attempting difficult things that are worthwhile.

character traits1
Character traits

2. Good judgment.

a. Choosing worthy goals and setting proper priorities .

b. Thinking through consequences of ones actions.

c. Basing decisions on practical wisdom and good sense.

character traits2
Character traits

3. Integrity

a. Having inner strength to be truthful, trustworthy and honest in all things.

b. Acting justly and honorably.

character traits3
Character traits

4. Kindness

a. Being considerable, considerate, courteous ,helpful ,and understanding of others.

b. Showing care, compassion, friendship ,and generosity.

c.Treating others as one would like to be treated.

character traits4
Character traits

5. Perseverance

a. Being persistent in pursuit of worthy goals despite difficulty, opposition, or discouragement.

b. Exhibiting patience and having fortitude to try again when confronted with delays, mistakes or failures.

character traits5
Character traits
  • Respect

a. Showing high regard for authority, other people, self, property and country.

b. Understanding that all people have value as human beings.

character traits6
Character traits
  • Responsibility

a.Being dependable in carrying out obligations and duties

b.Showing reliability and consistency in words and conduct

c.Being accountable for ones own actions

d.Being committed to active involvement in ones community

character traits7
Character traits
  • Self-discipline
  • Demonstrating hard work and commitment to purpose
  • Regulating oneself for improvement and restraining from inappropriate behaviors
  • Being in proper control of your words, actions, impulses, and desires
  • Doing ones best in all situations
importance of ethics in sem
Importance of ethics in SEM
  • Employees have social responsibility to companies for which they work.
  • Responsibilities include being truthful, fair and honest in production, management or selling
importance of ethics in sem1
Importance of ethics in SEM
  • Athletes and entertainers hire agents to represent them. Agents may be lawyers or accountants.
  • Responsibilities include negotiating personal services agreements, contracts and endorsements
  • Agents usually paid a percentage of PSA, contracts or endorsements
importance of ethics in sem2
Importance of ethics in SEM
  • Handlers are individuals paid by athletes, entertainers, companies or teams.
  • Hired to assist with public image of athlete or entertainer by regulating their behavior
importance of ethics in sem3
Importance of ethics in SEM
  • Companies, including teams, require employees to act ethically.
  • Often, the investment of hiring a handler is worth the cost.