Gd 437 web multimedia development and planning
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GD 437 – Web/Multimedia Development and Planning. Bonney Armstrong Westwood College Pages 12 & 13 of Web Redesign; Workflow that Works, Goto & Cotler. Think before you act. Don’t just put up a new site because you think you are behind the times This is a common trap

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Gd 437 web multimedia development and planning

GD 437 – Web/Multimedia Development and Planning

Bonney Armstrong

Westwood College

Pages 12 & 13 of Web Redesign; Workflow that Works, Goto & Cotler

Think before you act
Think before you act

  • Don’t just put up a new site because you think you are behind the times

  • This is a common trap

  • Understand that there is more involved that simply designing a snazzier interface

  • Plan to plan

  • A logical workflow will help you cover all your bases

Identify redesign issues and goals
Identify redesign issues and goals

  • What is currently working on your site, and what needs to change in the redesign?

  • Review customer service calls and emails – especially complaints

  • Conduct usability tests to identify specific redesign issues rather than speculate

  • Determine your goals and then execute accordingly

Analyze your competition
Analyze your competition

  • View the industry objectively

  • Look at competitor sites and see what works

  • Compare features and services

  • See what works by actually using competitor sites and your current site, too

  • Understand how your site differentiates itself from the competition

Involve your current audience
Involve your current audience

  • Include your current user base in the redesign

  • Don’t alienate your current audience with sudden change

  • Communicate clearly why and when your site is changing

Design for users not investors
Design for users, not investors

  • If your site is not usable, your online presence risks failure

  • Too often, usability issues are clouded by the requirements of the advertiser or investor

  • Do not make the mistake of designing for the wrong audience

  • Know your audience

  • Take great pains to ensure that the needs of the user are compatible with your business objectives

Bring your engineer in early
Bring your engineer in early

  • Consulting with a technical engineer (for HTML as well as application development and backend needs) early on in the process will save you time and headaches in the midst of your project

  • Your engineer will help you plan confidently and will clue you in at every step as to what is technologically feasible

Believe in usability testing
Believe in usability testing

  • Redesign with your user in mind

  • Perform usability testing on both current and redesigned sites during the development process

  • Determine usability issues and see to resolve them with redesign

  • Nothing gives you more honest feedback that watching someone go through your site

  • Can users use the new site?

  • Watch and learn, and then apply

Understand content delivery reality
Understand content delivery reality

  • Content delivery is a top schedule buster in nearly all redesign projects

  • Have a dedicated, client-side point person who gathers, modifies, writes, and delivers content on time

  • Don’t underestimate the need for a content delivery plan

Set clear expectations
Set clear expectations

  • Communication is key

  • Many times, a project starts beautifully and then breaks down due to misunderstandings and misinterpreted assumptions

  • Each document you produce should clearly outline your goals

  • Make sure all team members are always on the same page, speaking the same terminology

Think long term focus on short term
Think long term; focus on short term

  • Don’t try to do everything at once; you will drive yourself absolutely nuts

  • Redesign and launch in phases

  • In addition to allowing for realistic delivery goals, an iterative approach to launching also offers the chance for evaluation of the redesigned site so that changes can be incorporated