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D-Link HQ, Apr. 2011. Sales Guide of DES-3200 series. D-Link Confidential. Contents. Product Overview Product Briefing Difference between A1 and B1 Advanced Hardware Design Technology Briefing Target Market Product Application Guidelines Competitive Comparison & Analysis

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D link hq apr 2011

D-Link HQ, Apr. 2011

Sales Guide of DES-3200 series

D-Link Confidential


  • Product Overview

    • Product Briefing

    • Difference between A1 and B1

    • Advanced Hardware Design

    • Technology Briefing

    • Target Market

  • Product Application Guidelines

  • Competitive Comparison & Analysis

    • Competitive Models

    • Key Comparison

    • Art of the War

Product overview product briefing
Product Overview-Product Briefing


Product overview product briefing1
Product Overview-Product Briefing





  • DES-3200 series is a new member of xStack L2 Fast Ethernet Managed switch family that is designed for both Metro ETTX, FTTX and Enterprise market.

  • By utilizing the next generation chipset, DES-3200 series can fulfill the Metro Ethernet Edge and Enterprise marketwhich needs flexible port density and compact size devices with 2 or 4 combo Gigabit/SFP ports.

Product overview difference between hw a1 and hw b1
Product Overview-Difference between HW A1 and HW B1

Product overview advanced hardware design
Product Overview-Advanced Hardware Design

  • DES-3200 series comes out with several outstanding hardware designs, which makes it an ideal for both and Enterprise and Metro market.

  • Surge/Lightning Protection for Ethernet Ports

    • All Ethernet ports in DES-3200-10/18/26/28 B1 comply IEC 61000-4-5 10/700us 6KV. It can help install the switch in severe environment, avoid lightning, and lower device failure rate.

  • High Operation Temperature Endurance

    • Compared to DES-3200-10/18/26/28 A1, DES-3200-10/18/26/28 B1 can endure up to 50 °C .

Product overview advanced hardware design1
Product Overview-Advanced Hardware Design

  • Fanless and Desktop-Size Design

    • With zero noise and desktop size, DES-3200-10/18 suit the multi-tenant building environment where quite operation and compact size are essential.

    • DES-3200-18 made a breakthrough that pioneers the market to make 18 ports into 9” case.

  • Two Different Port Types offered

    • DES-3200-26/28/28F and DES-3200-28/ME provide flexible connection types, either copper or fiber, which can be an advantage in Metro Ethernet applications.

Product overview advanced hardware design2
Product Overview-Advanced Hardware Design

  • 4 Gigabit/SFP Combo ports

    • DES-3200-28/28F and DES-3200-28/ME offers the beneficial design of 4 SFP ports; it provides up to 4Gbps Uplink Bandwidth, or can fit in Dual Ethernet Ring topology.







Product overview advanced hardware design3
Product Overview-Advanced Hardware Design

  • Connectivity over Kilometer in distance

    • DES-3200-28F is designed with 24 100Base-X SFP ports (100Base-FX or 100Base-BX) which offer up to 20 kilometer distance for last mile in Metro Ethernet application.

    • Bi-Directional SFP Transceiver supported (DEM-220 T/R, 100Base-BX)

      • Different from 100Base-FX which uses dual strand of fiber, 100Base-BX uses single strand of fiber only.

      • This new type of connectivity is more cost effective compared to the dual strand solution – either compared to transceivers and fiber cable cost.

Connection distance up to 20 km

Product overview d link technology brief
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • High Reliability

    • Network Load Balancing (NLB)

      • Network Load Balancing is a clustering technology that uses distributed algorithm to load-balance network traffic across a number of servers.

    • Ethernet Rings Protection Switching (ERPS)

      • Compare to RSTP, ERPS offers faster convergence capability which provides under 200 millisecond response.

      • Its high reliability provides robust enough for Metro specific network usage.

    • Loopback Detection (LBD)

      • Enable the shutdown of loop ports to prevent packet storm from overwhelming the whole network.

* Feature available in future firmware release

Product overview d link technology brief1
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • Advanced IPTV Service

    • Limited IP multicast:

      • Provides the manageability to control the subscribed IPTV channels for different users.

    • ISM VLAN:

      • It reduces the bandwidth usage for multicast stream by merging the multicast traffic as a single copy instead of multiple copies.

    • VLAN Translation:

      • By simply mapping the VLAN ID, the customer's information within packet can be preserved and honored as it traverses the service provider network.

Product overview d link technology brief2
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • Advanced IPTV Service (Count.)

    • IGMP Authentication:

      • Users need be authorized each time when changing channels.

      • It provides centralized channel management on Radius server with better security control.

      • ISPs can easily get the statistics information based on the IGMP connection for each user.

    • Comprehensive QoS

      • Supports 4 H/W outbound queues with WRR/Strict modes that can classify voice, data and multicast into different sensitivity levels to prioritize network traffic.

      • CoS support based on comprehensive L2~L7 attributes.

      • Granular Port/Flow-based Bandwidth control down to 62.5Kb/s.

Product overview d link technology brief3
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • IPv6 Technology

    • IPv6 Management:

      • Supports Web, SNMP, Telnet, TFTPv6 client.

    • MLD v1/v2 snooping:

      • Enhances the efficiency of selective distribution by forwarding multicast data to specific ports.

  • IPv6 Ready Logo

    • DES-3200 series pass IPv6 Ready Core Logo phase II which is the market proven logo for IPv6 supported devices.

Product overview d link technology brief4
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • Enriched Security

  • DES-3200 series offers rich endpoint security features, including:

    • D-Link innovative IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB):

      • Provides an easy method to control nodes for IP conflict and auditing issues.

      • Prevents ARP spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

    • Access Control List (ACL) deployed at the edge switch:

      • Restricts certain users within designated areas of the network and prevents malicious traffic on the entire network.

    • Host-based 802.1X Authentication/Authorization

      • This feature brings the security down to a port level, enabling true privilege-based management of network services.

Product overview d link technology brief5
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  •  Ethernet OAM (Operation, Administration and Management):

    • DES-3200 series support Ethernet OAM which provides network operators the ability to monitor the health of the network and quickly determine the location of failed links or fault conditions on point-to-point and emulated point-to-point Ethernet link.

    • 802.1ag (CFM, Connectivity Fault Management)

      • It is service Layer OAM, which helps administrators to control/debug the link status of service agreement on Ethernet networks.

      • It helps to monitor live & death of devices

      • Comprises 3 protocols: continuity check, link trace and loopback protocols.

    • 802.3ah (EFM, Ethernet in the First Mile)

      • The physical Link Layer OAM that helps to discover and detect the live & death of neighboring devices.

      • It is covered by 4 protocols: Discovery, Link Monitoring, Remote Fault Detection, and Remote Loopback.

Product overview d link technology brief6
Product Overview- D-Link Technology Brief

  • MEF Certification

    • MEF 21 Certification:

      • D-Link pioneers the industry to receive the 1st round of MEF 21 certification for DES-3200 Series.

      • MEF 21 Certification proves DES-3200 Series with outstanding Link OAM capability such as OAM Discovery process initiation, Information OAMPDU Exchange, Event Notification OAM exchange , Loopback Control OAMPDU exchange , and Organization Specific OAM.

      • It proves that DES-3200 Series can fulfill Metro Ethernet applications .

Product overview target market
Product Overview- Target Market

  • Metro Ethernet Edge and Enterprise Market

    • DES-3200 series: Advanced QoS and ACL features with AAA and OAM supported make it an ideal solution of Metro Ethernet Edge switch. In addition, Complete security and VLAN features also makes it an ideal solution of Enterprise Edge Switch.

    • DES-3200-28F: with Fast Ethernet connectivity supported by 24 Fiber ports and Bi-Directional transceiver (DEM-220T/R), DES-3200-28F can reach up to 20 kilometers in distance, which make it suitable for Metro deployment in suburb area.

    • DES-3200-28/ME: a purpose-built product, mainly for ETTH/FTTB application.

Product application guidelines application diagram des 3200 series
Product Application Guidelines- Application Diagram–DES-3200 series


  • High reliability in Metro applications

  • High manageability supported

  • Dual Ring topology is available

  • Provide direct Ethernet copper or Fiber connectivity to the home

  • 100Base-FX and 100Base-BX supported

  • Over kilometers in length of deployment

  • Suitable to be deployed for suburb areas