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Luxury and I-Hybrid Mattress Collection – Coirfit Mattress

Coirfit Mattress Brand where you can buy large rang of Luxury and Natural Mattress. We have Latex, Foam, Coir, Cool Gel Foam and Orthopedic Dual Side mattress large collecting which gives you hard and soft comfort and Back Support.

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Luxury and I-Hybrid Mattress Collection – Coirfit Mattress

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  1. Cheap Mattress or a Luxury Mattress? What Budget Should I Set For A Mattress? To start every morning energetically, you need a good, relaxing as well as comfortable sleep. Resting even slightly less can make your next day troublesome. The right mattress is the solution to save you from financial as well as physical loss. But, if you are wondering how much amount you should spend on the mattress then, we are here to guide you. The ideal mattress can come between Rs. 12,000-Rs. 15,000. There are certain factors which will help you to choose the right one for you: Price Range between Rs. 1,000-Rs. 5,000 The durability for such mattresses will range anywhere between 1-3 years. There are many mattress brands in the market today who offer memory foam mattresses as low as Rs. 5,000 and provide 20 years warranty but are you sure, you want to sleep in the same bed for the next 20 years with all the dust, bacteria etc. We don’t think so. The best mattresses to opt for in this range is a foldable mattress. Right from your daytime sofa to nighttime bed, it works in many ways and this way you only have to invest in 1 piece of furniture but enjoy the benefit of several furniture pieces. Price range between Rs 5,000-Rs. 12,000 The quality and standard of the mattress will increase automatically. You can get easily get a queen size mattress or even a king-size mattress at this price. Right from a coir mattress to a High-density foam mattress, the range opens up a spectrum of mattresses to opt from. These mattresses can easily last upto 5-7 years. Price range between Rs 12,000-Rs. 20,000 This is the medium-range where you will get higher quality mattresses. The foam used in this bed will be thick as compared to a lower range or cheap mattresses. Natural material mattresses such as latex mattresses, biofoam mattresses can easily come in this range. Even a high-quality memory foam mattress can be bought in this range. You can expect up to 10 years warranty in this price slap. Price range above Rs. 20,000 The price range is, of course, high but these luxury mattresses are the best ones when it comes to a fuller sleep experience and natural resting comfort. These luxury mattresses will have premium quality as well as more durability. The material used in such kind of mattress would be of high quality such as a hybrid combination of latex, spring and memory foam. For getting the ultra-premium quality, you can go to a smaller size. Less the capacity-more will be quality. You can enjoy up to 15 years of warranty with these mattresses. 1 www.coirfitmattress.com

  2. Summing up, this chart will give you an overall idea about types of mattress and their expected rates: Types of Mattress Foam Mattress Coir Mattress Memory Foam MattressLess than Rs. 7,000Rs. 7,000-Rs. 12,000More than Rs. 12,000Rs.9,000 Spring Mattress Less than Rs. 8,000Rs. 8,000-Rs. 14,000More than Rs. 14,000Rs. 10,000 Latex Mattress Less than Rs. 10,000Rs. 10,000-Rs. 16,000More than Rs. 16,000Rs. 12,000 Hybrid Mattress Less than Rs. 12,000Rs. 12,000-Rs. 18,000More than Rs. 18,000Rs. 14,000 Lower rates Less than Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000-7,000 Less than Rs. 4,000Rs. 4,000-Rs. 8,000 Medium rates High rates More than Rs. 7,000Rs. 4,000 More than Rs. 8,000Rs. 5,000 Average rates *The above rates are for a single standard size (72″ x 30″ x 6″) mattress. Some quick tips to save money: Apart from that above-mentioned guide, we also want to give you little tricks which will help you to save lots of money. So, whenever you are thinking of buying a mattress, you can consider these tips as well and start saving pre-purchase.     Buying Mattress Online. You can easily get upto 40% off on Coirfit Mattresses. You can wait for sale. Bumper sales happen around New Year and Diwali. Purchase from a mattress brand that has referral policy so you can claim cashback and discounts. Opt for bulk buying or group buying to get the minimum possible rates for the mattress. To conclude, we can say that if you are going to buy one of the best mattresses then, never go with cheap rates. Cheap rates might have inferior quality (sale price is exceptional). But, you can also get the right mattress under your budget. Make sure to get the right size, material, feature as well as quality at your budget. You can get everything at Coirfit Mattress. We offer specially designed mattress for all types of sleepers. So, make a wise decision before saying yes to any mattress brand because you can’t go wrong with this investment. 2 www.coirfitmattress.com

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