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Department of Children and Family Services

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Department of Children and Family Services. C.P.S. Safety Plan Model. DCFS Child Welfare. MISSION:

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dcfs child welfare

DCFSChild Welfare


To protect abused and neglected children, to support the efforts of families to care for and parent their own children safely and to provide quality care and permanent families for children in placement with parents, extended family members, Tribal members, members of other Tribes and Foster Parents

dcfs history before 2007 identified dcfs issues
DCFS –HistoryBefore 2007, Identified DCFS Issues
  • Critical staffing issues not addressed.
  • Tribal children placed in non-certified homes
  • Punitive case management was the norm.
  • Poorly defined support services provided to Tribal families.
  • Punitive system didn’t allow parents to be actively engaged in case planning.
dcfs child welfare accomplishments
DCFS – Child Welfare Accomplishments
  • DCFS adopted Best Practice Standards of Child Welfare philosophy.
  • DCFS has become more proactive in the prevention area of Child Welfare (ie…Wrap-around services, Safety Plans, and Family Group Conferencing).
  • This proactive approach is a new direction in Child Welfare from a prevention stand point.
  • Almost ½ million dollars in direct payments went to Tribal children and Native families.
dcfs safety plan concept from punitive to proactive
DCFS – Safety Plan ConceptFrom Punitive to Proactive

CPS developed this concept in an attempt to keep families together.

  • Lowers stress and emotional trauma to the children.
  • Reduces Disproportionality by 80 %
  • Compliments Active Efforts.
  • Provides resources to parents and family for support,

financial assistance and/or other wrap around services.

dcfs safety plan concept
DCFS – Safety Plan Concept


  • Reduced the number of families involved in the court system.
  • By reducing the number of court petitions filed by utilizing prevention services.
  • Direct family involvement.
  • Shorter duration of all case plans.
  • More options than the State in Pre-born safety.
safety plans

Safety Plans


Between DCFS and Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck And DCFS, Child Protection Program enter into this Safety Plan for the Welfare of Huey Duck DOB: 03/25/2002 and Louie Duck DOB: 11/02/2007 residing on the C.T.U.I.R., Pendleton, Oregon 97801. As described below;

Absent Preventative services, Foster care would be eminent.

I Obligations of Daisy Duck,mother

A. Daisy Duck shall provide for her child/ren, Huey Duck and Louie Duck

in accordance with the safety plan below, in a satisfactory and proper manner,

consistent with all the services provided by the DCFS and other professional agencies and/or


B. Daisy Duck shall ensure and provide the following:

Daisy Duck is to have a mental health assessment at Yellowhawk or a recognized mental health provider of choice and to follow their recommendations .

Daisy Duck is to ensure that Huey Duck and Louie Duck is free from exposure to any forms of domestic violence and or child abuse, as defined by the CTUIR Juvenile Code.


Daisy Duck is to allow unannounced home inspections by DCFS at any time for the duration of this safety plan.

Daisy Duck is to ensure that Huey Duck and Louie Duck is free from exposure or association with any persons or residence known to have a habitual drug history, criminal history and or registered sex offenders .

Daisy Duck will sign a DCFS release of information form as needed to monitor and facilitate this safety plan.

II. Obligations of DCFS:

A. DCFS shall monitor Daisy Duck for the duration of the next 90 days, this includes monitoring Law enforcement reports if any and all mandated counseling reports as set forth in this document.

III. General Provisions:

A. Daisy Duck understands that any failure to fully abide by this Agreement at any time, DCFS may take any action needed, to including taking physical and legal custody of the child/ren, if deemed necessary to insure the safety of Huey Duck and Louie Duck.

B. The parties may renew this safety plan Agreement by mutual consent.

C. This Agreement in no way obligates the CTUIR to future funding.

dcfs identified cps issues
DCFSIdentified CPS issues:
  • Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Domestic Violence, children present
  • Truancy issues (written into current juvenile code)
  • Neglect
  • Abuse
dcfs child welfare statistics
DCFS – Child WelfareStatistics:
  • There were 80 Children on referrals for Child Welfare Services from Jan – Jun 2010.
  • The numbers of children by age range are:
    • 12 Children from ages 0 and 2
    • 27 Children from ages 3 to 5
    • 59 Children from ages 6 to 12
    • 25 Children from ages 13 to 17
dcfs child welfare accomplishments1
DCFS – Child Welfare Accomplishments
  • 2009 (Jan – Oct) Referrals                                            2010 (Jan – Oct)Referrals
  • Abuse                   35                                                           Abuse                   56
  • Neglect                 34                                                        Neglect                38
  • Sex Abuse           11                                                           Sex Abuse           6
  • DV                         10                                                           DV                        10
  • Truancy                4                                                            Truancy                2
  • Other                    15                                                            Other                    8
  • Physical Abuse  9                                                             Physical Abuse  0
  • TOTAL                120                                                           TOTAL                 125
dcfs child welfare accomplishment s
DCFS Child WelfareAccomplishments
  • 2008: No Safety Plans
  • Jan – Oct  2009: Jan – Oct  2010:
  • CPS intervention = 10 CPS intervention = 2
  • Safety Plans = 24 Current Safety Plans = 31
  • Wrap around Services = 0 Wrap around Services = 23
dcfs child welfare current issues of concern
DCFS – Child WelfareCurrent issues of concern !
  • One of the biggest obstacles with in the Child Welfare program is dealing with the Substance abuse problem within the tribal community.
  • The average age of parents that Child Welfare gets involved with is between the ages of 20 to 30.
  • Parents placed in residential treatment, return to the reservation upon completion, and get back with their friends who are still abusing substances and end up falling back into the same substance abusing routine.
dcfs wrap around services available
DCFSWrap around services available
  • Yellowhawk medical services.
  • Yellowhawk Mental health, D.V. and Substance Abuse.
  • Financial Assistance.
  • Referrals to other service providers.
  • Referrals to State funded service providers.
department of children and family services1

Department of Children and Family Services

C.P.S. Safety Plan Model