live for today pray for tomorrow l.
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description powerpoint of my life

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  • Born May 22, 1991
  • Parents Tom & Kathy
  • I have two brothers one older, one younger
  • Lived on a farm my entire life, hopefully plan to own my own ranch someday
  • Started wrestling at the age of three
  • Started football in fifth grade
hobbies activities
  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Horse back riding
  • Paintball
  • Hunting
  • Hanging with friends and family
professional goals
Professional Goals
  • Graduate with my degree
  • Hopefully land a coaching position somewhere
  • Or teaching job
  • Excel at my profession
  • Do everything the best I can
what do i want to be in ten years
What do I want to be in ten years
  • In ten years maybe hopefully I could still be engaged in the sport of football hopefully playing, or if not I’d like to be coaching. I hope to be also with a teaching job unless I’m able to be supported by my coaching wages. Also hopefully I will be a super father and husband.

#67 has been my number since the day I first put on a jersey, football means a whole lot to me and my number also has an impact on the meaning


I began wrestling when I was three years old I have been to state more than eight times and have placed or been a champion four out of the eight the most memorable moment I had was winning my semi final match to make it to the finals my senior year of high school.

Most emotional win of my career winning to make it to state.


Some people talk about their last game or last match and how much they miss it, but for right now I’m the lucky one who gets to keep living the dream and playing my favorite sport, I have to cherish it and always will because I want the last time I take my helmet off to be the day I have given my all and have nothing more to give to this beloved sport and the life.