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RUTH’S CHRIS STEAKHOUSE. US Prime. Our Mission. To build a growing profitable restaurant business in which the highest standards of quality, value, and hospitality are expressed. . Our Beginning:. We were founded in 1965 in New Orleans, LA.

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our mission
Our Mission
  • To build a growing profitable restaurant business in which the highest standards of quality, value, and hospitality are expressed.
our beginning
Our Beginning:
  • We were founded in 1965 in New Orleans, LA.
  • Ruth Fertel bought a steakhouse called ‘Chris Streakhouse’.
  • Ruth took the restaurant through hurricanes and fires and multiplied it into 130 restaurants today.
our beef
Our Beef:
  • We serve USDA Prime beef
  • That’s the top 2% of beef in the US
  • Our beef is from Mid-Western corn-fed cattle
  • Our steaks are never frozen, and we only ever season our beef with salt & pepper
  • Our steaks are only seasoned with salt & pepper then broiled in a 1800° broiler
  • The broiler quickly sears the outside of the meat sealing in all the juices and flavor
  • We serve your steak sizzling on a 500° plate topped with butter and fresh parsley
  • The hot plate ensures that your food stays hot from first bite to last
sizzling delivery
Sizzling Delivery
  • Our most famous signature is our Sizzling Delivery. Due to the 500` plates and steaks topped with butter, your food is served sizzling.
  • As Miss. Ruth said: If it’s not sizzling, send it back!
side dishes
Side Dishes
  • Sides are serves a la carte and family style. They’re about 1 lb. each so sharing is key!


Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

  • Our service standard is genuine hospitality. Each time you come in it’s our goal that you feel welcome and well taken care of.

Remember: If it doesn’t sizzle,

send it back!

steaks we serve
Steaks we serve:
  • Filet: The most tender cut of corn-fed Midwestern beef.
  • Ribeye: An outstanding example of USDA Prime at its best. Well marbled for peak flavor, deliciously juicy.
  • Cowboy Ribeye: A huge bone-in version of this USDA Prime cut.
  • New York Strip: This USDA Prime cut has a full-bodied texture that is slightly firmer than a rib eye.
  • Porterhouse for Two: This USDA Prime cut combines the rich flavor of a strip with the tenderness of a filet.
  • T-Bone: A full-flavored, classic cut of Prime beef.

In addition to beef we also serve: Lamb Chops, Veal Chop, Stuffed Chicken, Ahi Tuna Crab Stack, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Lobster, and Fresh Seafood.

Chocolate Explosion Cake

Chocolate Sin Cake

Break Pudding with Whiskey Sauce