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Authors: Satiye & Şakir ERTUĞRUL PowerPoint Presentation
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Authors: Satiye & Şakir ERTUĞRUL

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Authors: Satiye & Şakir ERTUĞRUL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE INCLUSIVE EDUCATION (equal chances for minorities, for students with special needs, with risk of social exclusion). Authors: Satiye & Şakir ERTUĞRUL. The Education of D isabled S tudents.

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THE INCLUSIVE EDUCATION(equal chances for minorities, for students with special needs, with risk of social exclusion)


Satiye &Şakir ERTUĞRUL


TheEducation of DisabledStudents

Ifthestudentsaredisabledorifsomebody has mentalproblems , theyneedtogotosomespecialschoolswhich has differentandspecialeducationsystems. Therearespecialschoolsfor:

  • Deafandhalfdeafstudents
  • Blindandhalfblindstudents
  • Studentswhohavementalproblemsormentallydisabled.

Education Institution for the Disabled in Turkey

Therearefiveschoolsfortheblind. Theyare in Ankara , Gaziantep , İstanbul andİzmir.Theyhavedormitories. Theyhavetwoprepclassesandfiveprimaryclasses. Insecondarypart , theyhavenormalysecondaryschoolcurriculum. 18 deafschoolshavedormitories , too. Theystay in dormitories. Apart fromthis, therearestudentswhostaywiththeirparents, not in dormitories .At thedeafschool , studentshavetwoprepclassesand 6 year-primary-education. Special skillsaretaughttothestudents.CounselingandResearchCentrechoosethestudentsfortheseschoolsforspecialeducation.



InTurkeygovermentopenedsomecentresforthesepeople.They can staythereforever.Duringdaysthey can learnsewingandhandcraftortheylearnmaking , creatingsomething. Teacherstakethempicnicortheyaretakentoswimming. They can learnsinglesportactivities.Thesecentreshavedormitoriessotheystaythere at nights.Theirnursesandstaffslookafterthembothdayandnight.

Inthesecentresthereareteacherswhoteachthem body care, countingnumbersandsimplemathematicproblemsreadingandwritting, too.

Themostimportantthing is toeducatethemtolookafterthemselveswithouthelp.


Thestudentswhoareeducated at sucheducationcentres can work at

Simple workshopstoproducesimplehandcraftlikesewingcarpetsorsimple

montages of somegoodsunderthecontrol of theirteachers .


Therearesomechildrenwhohavementalbalanceproblems. Sometimestheirbalancemay be corruptedbecause of thefamilyrelation. Some of thesechildren can be aggressiveorpessimisticandintroverted. Iftheyhaveseriousproblemspsychiatrists , pedagolistsandspecialeducationistshelpthemtogether in thespecialcentres. Ifthesechildrenneedmedicineunderthecontrol of thedoctors , theyaregivenmedicineoriftheyneedtherapy , it is giventhembythespecialists.

Inthesespecialeducationcenters, expertscreaterelaxationplaceforfromunhappyfamilyatmosphereforthesechildren. Specialiststrytobuiltsincererelationswiththesechildren. Theyarecareful on preparingtheschoolatmospherehelpfulandsincereforthestudents.


The Education of the Children who are Physically Disabled

Some of thesedisabledchildren can goto normal schoolswithcrutchesorwheelchairs .They can shareallactivitiesbythehelp of modern devicesandtoolslikespecial pens, specialtypewritersandspecialcomputers.



Weuse Braille Alphabetwhich has someembossedspotsfortheblind.Blindchildren can readthebookswrittenwiththe Braille alphabetwiththeirfingers. They can alsowritewhatevertheywantwiththe Braille alphabet. They can haveinformationusingthespeakingbooks. Now, they can usecomputerfortheireducation. Theyusetheembossedmap , abacusandspeakingcalculatorforthemaths. They can learntowalkwiththedogandstick.



If a studentdon’thear, it meansthat he can’tspeak, either. Because it preventscommunication. Theteacherhavedifferentwaystoteachthem. Studentsaretaughtlooking at lipsandtriyingtounderstandwhattheymean. Theylearn how tousetheirlipsandbegintospeak. Theyuse body language, too. GalludetCollegue in Washington is theuniqueeducationinstitution in theworldforthehighschooleducation.