I was found guilty of a criminal offense in cincinnati
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I Was Convicted Of A Crime In Cincinnati - Can I Get My Record Sealed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Attorney Joseph Patituce discusses the possibility of sealing your record if you\'ve been convicted of a crime in Cincinnati.\n

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Can i get my record closed
Can I Get My Record Closed?

Getting your record closed isn't simple. There are a number of factors that come into question. You can only submit an application for closing your record should you fulfil particular standards. The court looks in the sort of convictions your record features. This is very important. If your record has convictions that is due to violent nature or has caused irreparable harm to others, you will not be able to apply to have your records closed.

The second thing is, how many convictions you have would even determine irrespective of whether you would be permitted to submit an application for sealing your record. The more convictions you have will definitely provide fewer chances for you to apply to get your record closed.

Can i get my record closed1
Can I Get My Record Closed?

Who is an eligible offender?

An eligible offender is an individual who has been charged with committing one felony, and one misdemeanor. If somebody has done 2 counts of misdemeanor, then he will even be an eligible offender. You may have committed minimal misdemeanors in the past, however these types of acts won't have any influence on the likelihood to close off various other criminal convictions.

How one criminal offense is determined?

When a person commits two crimes in a space of three months, and he is found guilty of these crimes, then both criminal offenses would be clubbed as one offense.

Can i get my record closed2
Can I Get My Record Closed?

In case you are attempting to work your way to get your record closed, then you need to know what are the convictions that can be sealed, and which are the ones that can't be closed. Here is the list of convictions that comes in the exclusion list.

Sealed exemption list

• If you have been convicted previously and that conviction carries a mandatory prison period, then you simply can't seal that conviction from the record.

• If you've been convicted of a conviction of 1st degree felony, then you can't seal the conviction from the record. 2nd degree convictions as well come under the exemption list.

Can i get my record closed3
Can I Get My Record Closed?

• Rape as well as unlawful sexual behavior with a minor as well falls in the exemption list.

• Sexual obscenity of any type with a minor as well comes under sealed exclusion list, that might involve using minimal or convincing minor to be a part of unlawful sexual behaviors triggering nudity performance.

• Notably, any traffic crime is taken quite seriously, and cannot be sealed.

• Last but not least, severe convictions also come under the exemption list.

Can i get my record closed4
Can I Get My Record Closed?

Nevertheless, there's always a way to get things accomplished. If you're planning to get your convictions sealed, you need to find out a legal representative who understands what you are seeking to do. Patituce and associates is one of the leading attorney firms in the state, and they will put all their experience to apply to have things carried out for you. Cincinnati Law Firm who leads the firm is known as among the best criminal lawyers in the country. He has served people sealed convictions from the records with greater success and he is the person to choose.

Can i get my record closed5
Can I Get My Record Closed?

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