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Brief Introduction of Ievey Carpet Products PowerPoint Presentation
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Brief Introduction of Ievey Carpet Products

Brief Introduction of Ievey Carpet Products

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Brief Introduction of Ievey Carpet Products

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  1. Ievey Carpet — best choice to demonstrate your dignity and glory

  2. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” • “Ievey” is a famous carpet brand affiliated to Henan JingQi Crafts Co., Ltd. The “Ievey” genuine handmade silk carpet is produced within the manufacturing base of Nanyang – the bountiful and outstanding hometown of the “Five Saints”. The mission of the company is to carry forward the traditional ethnic culture, with the core value of “Put arts first and pursue a quality life”, as well as the development objective of building “Ievey” into No. 1 brand within the industry of handmade silk carpet.

  3. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” • The company regards “Creative Design” as the soul of the product, converged not only a large group of artisans who master the craft of silk carpet weaving, but also gathered many high-level painters and artists, who can infuse the essence of Chinese and exotic arts into the creative design of genuine handmade silk carpet according to client’s cultural background and aesthetic requirements. Therefore, the products of our company not only have the features of pragmatism, but also of originality and uniqueness, in which every piece of product can be an exquisite artwork, with quite extraordinary artistic value as well as collection appreciation value.

  4. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” • The company regards product quality as a matter of vital importance. From the stage of selecting raw materials to that of the design and weaving, the company carries out strict QA procedures, which not only retains the natural and primitive characteristics of the artworks, but also gives full play to modern scientific management concepts, to ensure a stable quality of the silk rug product and being environmental-friendly.

  5. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” • The customizing business of the handmade genuine silk carpet is quite favored by high-profile successful people at home and abroad who have profound artistic deposits, and has been redeemed as a high-grade cultural gift appropriate for sending relatives and friends. “Ievey” genuine handmade silk rug can even be the symbol that represents the owner’s outstanding social status and the splendid glory of his or her family. Due to the artistic rareness of the product, it will be maintained and appreciated of its value, which makes it the favorite within the collection circle in future. The gem of the nation should also be appreciated by the whole world. Currently, the products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions, such as US, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia and Iran, etc, in which the artworks have been deeply favored by users and earned wide praises.

  6. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” productsChinese styleBirds paying homage to the phoenix silk tapestry is the best symbol of identity and status!

  7. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” productsWestern StyleIn this silk tapestry, the crown and the eagle are symbols of supreme power and glory.

  8. Brief Introduction of “Ievey Carpet” productsPersian StyleThis silk rug provides a luxurious look to your room.

  9. Contact informationTel: 0086 371 55073892Fax: 0086 371 65988651 E-mail: sales@cnsilkcarpet.comWeb: http://www.cnsilkcarpet.comAddress: RM 1101,11/F SAN TOI BLDG, NO.139 CONNAUGHT RD CENTRAL,HONG KONG

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