Top 5 essential cna duties for personal care service
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Top 5 essential cna duties for personal care service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Certified nursing assistant\nwhat is a certified nursing assistant\nwhat does a cna do\n1. Top 5 Essential Duties\n2. Personal hygiene\n3. Physical and Emotional Support\n4. Feeding\n5 Cleaning\n6. Medical care \n\nA CNA should keep the patient hygienic every day by giving them bath, assisting them for bathroom, take care of his body, groom the patient and dress him up.\n

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Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • Top 5 Essential Duties

  • Personal hygiene

  • Physical and Emotional Support

  • Feeding

  • Cleaning

  • Medical care

Personal hygiene
Personal hygiene

  • A CNA should keep the patient hygienic every day by giving them bath, assisting them for bathroom, take care of his body, groom the patient and dress him up.

  • Some patients also have to get cleaned more than once due to some urination problem and they need to get cleaned up frequently.

Personal hygiene1
Personal hygiene

  • Many patients also need to take a bath before sleeping. So a CNA should be willing to perform such harsh duties to keep the patient satisfied.

  • Along with the patient, CNA should also look after his own hygiene.

Physical and emotional support
Physical and Emotional Support

  • The patients that are disabled or injured cannot perform physical activities themselves. It is a job of a nurse to provide physical support to the patient.

  • It can be in many ways like, changing the sides of the patient, assisting to the bathroom etc.

Physical and emotional support1
Physical and Emotional Support

  • Health care of the patient is more important so the physical activity also involves taking the patient for a walk.

  • Along with physical assistance, emotional support is also very important. Many CNA’s can relief a lot of stress by just talking to their patients, telling them stories to keep them happy and they also listen carefully to what they want to say.


  • To keep track of the patients’ diet is also very essential. A CNA should provide a nutritious and healthy food to his patient.

  • He should prepare snacks and meals as required by the patient following the instructions provided by the concerning doctor.


  • Nutritious fruit should also be fed to the patient to keep them healthy and fit.

  • There should be a proper schedule of what to be given at which time and how much


  • A CNA should keep the surroundings and the environment clean in which the patient lives. This helps in avoiding any bacteria or dirt that can prove harmful for the patient.

  • Cleaning also includes changing bed sheets and cleaning bathrooms to defeat germs.


  • Sometimes the patient accidently urinates on bed so a CNA has to clean that up too.

  • Apart from that a CNA’s own personal hygiene also matters a lot.

  • He/she should also keep clean to protect the patient from germs.

  • A CNA should keep a sanitizer to wash hands with before contact.

Medical care
Medical care

  • To care for the health of a patient is the main key role of a CNA.

  • He/she should provide the recommended medicine to the patient; make sure that the medicine is not expired.

  • It is also important to know which medicine to give at what time.

Medical care1
Medical care

  • Therefore, it is really important to concern the doctor and ask about the updates to the medicines.

  • A CNA should also keep the record of the patient and keep it up to date so that if in any case he has to concern the doctor, the patient could be helped right away.

Top 5 essential cna duties for personal care service

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