Top 3 factors affecting cna salary
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Top 3 factors affecting cna salary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Certified nursing assistant\nwhat is a certified nursing assistant\nwhat does a cna do\n1. State\n2. Employer\n3. Experience\n

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  • State

  • Employer

  • Experience


  • The most important factor that affects CNA salary is the state variation.

  • The salary you get as a CNA depends upon the state and city you live in.

  • There are some states that pay higher as per the demand in the state.


  • Like in Alabama you can earn up to $21,000 yearly and if you work at the same level in New York you can earn an average of $27,000 per year.

  • Then the areas with low housing cost will pay more than others. If you want to be a traveling CNA, your salary is expected to be more than those using gas. But this is partially true but usually the case


  • As a CNA you can work at different places, such as healthcare centers, hospitals, medical institutes, nursing homes, etc.

  • Now each of these places have their own pay scale and you should know that the work you do the more you get paid because the salary of a CNA is based on hourly basis.

  • For instance, nursing homes pay an average of $10 an hour or more. If you work for more hours you will get paid more.

  • And if you work at and elderly care facility you might less per year than working in a nursing home.

  • Also that you will find a quick job opportunity at nursing homes as they pick fresh CNA for employment

  • But you will be paid less until you gain more experience. However, it also depends upon the work you are assigned to do.


  • Job experience is the most important and obvious factor that affects the payroll of a CNA.

  • If you just got your certification and are looking for a job, you are not going to earn as much as those who are working as a nursing assistant for years.

  • For a newbie the amount of salary paid is almost the same everywhere.

  • But as the time passes, you gain experience and along with that you may be offered more benefits if you are working in the same facility, otherwise increment in payroll is definitely guaranteed.


  • The most important thing is that working in the same facility and gaining few years of experience will benefit you with improved facility, higher position and much higher pay scale.

  • The average salary for certified nursing assistant in USA is approximately $28,000, which includes both experienced as well as newbie in the profession despite of which state they work in.

  • It is clearly understood now that there are several variation that are affecting the salaries of CNA, but most of the people who become a CNA do not actually do it for the money.

  • It’s the satisfaction of helping people that keeps them going and they are happy with what they are paid

Top 3 factors affecting cna salary

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