rms open house 6 th grade language arts melissa landers piya guthri n.
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RMS Open House 6 th Grade Language Arts Melissa Landers Piya Guthri PowerPoint Presentation
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RMS Open House 6 th Grade Language Arts Melissa Landers Piya Guthri

RMS Open House 6 th Grade Language Arts Melissa Landers Piya Guthri

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RMS Open House 6 th Grade Language Arts Melissa Landers Piya Guthri

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  1. RMS Open House6th Grade Language ArtsMelissa LandersPiyaGuthri

  2. Contact Info • E-mail: • Website: RMS Teacher Websites Melissa Landers • Conference: 3:05 -3:55 • Phone: (281) 641-4849

  3. Tutoring Guthri Wednesday A.M. 7:45 – 8:20 OR Landers Wednesday P.M. 4:00-4:40

  4. Grading Scale • 60% Summative • 40% Formative (district determined)

  5. Grading Policies • All grades will be marked in the gradebook as earned, even if below a 50. • All assignments will be accepted up to two days late. It is worth 75% of the earned grade the 1st day late (max of 75); the 2nd day is 50% credit of the earned grade (max of 50). After third day late, no credit (0 in grade book). • Gradebook Codes: A – student absent; needs to complete for makeup work Z – assignment is missing; will receive some credit when/if teacher receives work (averages as a zero, but is not final grade) X – student exempt from assignment 0 - final grade; teacher has requested missing work and student has not complied blank space – teacher has not yet entered grade • Make-up Work – district policy is 1 extra day per excused day absent (Note: make-up can be late if not completed in timely manner!)

  6. Conduct Enters room quietly, under control Sits down promptly On task for duration of class Very respectful of peers Responsible student Minor noise, usually controlled Usually on task Follows class rules, occasional re-direct Major difficulties entering room and starting Does not have all materials Difficulty staying on task Redirect needed often Does not always exhibit good interpersonal skills Enters and leaves room noisily No materials Disruptive behavior Does not follow class rules Rarely exhibits interpersonal skills E S N U

  7. RELA 6 Ongoing Assignments Independent Reading (AR program) • Students usually have class time to read on Thursdays after the Vocabulary Quiz. However, most AR reading is homework. You should definitely see your child reading at home. • The goal each nine weeks is 10points first semester. 15 second semester • The AR due dates and grading scale are available on my website • Parents will be able to check books read and points earned from home. • KnowsysVocabulary • New word list assigned each Friday • Quiz each Friday • TEST after each five groups of words • Quizzes and Tests are cumulative • Word Group Lists and Master List available on my website • Buying flashcards is NOT required.

  8. Textbooks Holt McDougall Literature - Grade 8 We will use a class set. Online Textbook info to come. RELA 6 - Interactive Reader workbook in addition to class set of textbooks and online textbook.

  9. Class Expectations Read outside of class on a regular basis. Complete homework and turn it in on time. Complete assignments to the best of your ability. Actively listen and participate in class. Respect yourself, classmates, and teacher. Take care of all school equipment and supplies. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

  10. Things Parents Can Do to Help • Make sure students are reading. • Make sure students are reviewing vocabulary words. • Check planners. • Check grades online. • Check the website when absent. • E-mail questions. • Please DON’T bring their “forgotten homework” to school. • Encourage independence and self-advocacy.

  11. Supplies • 3 Ring Binder • 4-5 dividers • Planner • Pencils, Black or Blue Pens, Highlighter(daily) • Wide rule notebook paper (daily) • Sticky notes if using class novels

  12. LONGHORN PRIDE • Be Responsible • Be Respectful • Be Safe • Be a Problem Solver • Be Accountable for Your Decisions It’s a great day to be a Longhorn! Thanks for coming to Open House! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your child’s life this year. It’s going to be a great year.