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  1. DISH Data Information SHaring

  2. USER GROUP MEETING5.23.07 Introductions- Management Team Group Introductions- Name, District, & Job Description Purpose of Meeting: To review the current APA case flow as prepared from the last meeting and develop a proposal of an improved case flow process highlighting opportunities for data exchanged and standardized or streamlined processes.

  3. Meeting Agenda • Introductions • Meeting Purpose • Examples of Current Data Exchange Projects • Review Project Objectives • Review APA Case Flow – Highlighting opportunities for data exchange and improved or standardized processes • Wrap Up – Review Assignments, Answer Questions, Next Meeting, etc.

  4. Current example of Data Exchange in Eclipse Currently in Eclipse, cases filed by the DA will populate our Electronic Case Filing screen (ECF screen). They are entered in the DA case management system and electronically transferred to Eclipse. • We have the ability to review the case information, parties, charges, etc… prior to accepting the case into our system. • In addition, we are able to make changes to the information when accepting the case if the filed documents differ from the electronically filed information. • If a case has already been created on our system, we also have the ability to ‘connect’ cases – accepting additional information into our case.

  5. E-file vs. Data Exchange The current Lexis-Nexis E-file process also stores documents/images. A data exchange will store specific data fields, not a document or a picture of a document.

  6. ELEVATOR STATEMENT • For families who depend on timely execution of APA child support orders, the DISH project is an electronic case filing and information exchange program allowing CSE and the courts to exchange data electronically. Unlike the current paper dependent systems, this solution will expedite child support orders, reduce redundant data entry, and improve data accuracy.

  7. Project Objectives • Improve the speed of APA Case initiation and the execution of the corresponding child support order • Produce processes which save time for judicial & CS staff • Produce processes that standardize the use of court case types JV and DR. • Provide centralized information displays combining data available from both ACSES and Eclipse/jPOD (judicial Processing on Demand).

  8. Project Objectives • Provide a real-time system interface between ACSES & Eclipse/jPOD the electronic exchange of APA case intake & management data. This interface is intended to: • Reduce manual data entry of APA data at the court • Improve data reliability and consistency • Facilitate the quick assignment of a docket # by Eclipse/jPOD to an APA case, and the timely delivery the docket # to ACSES • Assign and exchange FSR account # • Provide automatic and timely notification to ACSES that an APA order has been signed. • Provide automatic electronic data updates between ACSES & Eclipse/jPOD when APA case management data is modified

  9. Project Objectives • Explore best practices related to APA Case processing • Explore the feasibility and barriers to: • the electronic exchange and storage of court documents, and • production and delivery of pro se documents on demand