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10 Best Wine Clubs to Join

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10 Best Wine Clubs to Join - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Newbie or a Connoisseur, a Wine Club Subscription is the best Gift to give yourself or others.

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wine club subscription


Wine Club Subscription Boxes are a blessing for wine

enthusiasts and newbies alike. They offer a unique

opportunity to experience the very best wines without

breaking the bank. You have passionate people behind

the scenes doing the searching, tasting, picking and

sourcing the wines, ensuring you get the very best to your

doorstep. What’s more, you also have their expert

consultants at hand to help you with food pairing tips and

discovering new wines.

wine clubs


With each wine club

subscription bringing its

unique specialty to the table,

you’re spoilt for choice

today. With ordering

flexibility and customization

options, it can’t get any


best wine clubs here are the 10 best wine clubs


Here are the 10 Best Wine Clubs that are sure to

offer a Wine Club that will suit your budget,

schedule, and palette!

california wine club


• California is home to thousands of small

family wineries handcrafting

extraordinary wines. Since the quantities

are too limited, they seldom make it to

your local wine stores or wine shops.

For over 25 years, The California Wine

Club founders Bruce and Pam Boring

have been working passionately with

these artisan wineries and introducing

their exquisite wines to the world.

gold medal wine club


• Established in 1992, the Gold Medal

Wine Club is one of the oldest and

independent wine clubs in the country.

The featured wines have either won top

medals in major wine competitions or

have high ratings in the nationwide

publications. In the past 25 years, they

have sent over 2,500,000 wine

shipments to wine club members.

winc wine club


• Winc Wine Club specializes in sourcing

exceptional wines from select

independent vineyards and winemakers

around the world. Then they go about

understanding your tastes and

preferences by asking you a few

questions. Once they gain a fair

understanding of your taste, they send

you 4 bottles of great wine each month.

As you review the shipped wines, their

understanding of your preferences gets

better and better. The wines start at $13

a piece including shipping. You can even

skip a month anytime you want and

cancel the membership at your own

will. Join Winc Now.

wine of the month club


• Founded in 1972 by Paul Kalemkiarian

Sr., the Wine of the Month Club

conceived the whole ‘wine at your

doorstep’ idea. This first and

original Wine of the Month Club is now

run by the founder’s son Paul

Kalemkiarian Jr. He worked with his

father in the 70’s and brings the valuable

experience in wine tasting to the table.

• Each month he tastes over 400 wines.

Only 15% are approved for potential club

selections and then only 1% make it as

selections. It all gets narrowed down to

two select bottles for that month.

martha stewart wine co


• With this wine club, you get to enjoy

wines hand-picked by Martha Stewart.

What you also get is Martha’s exclusive

serving, pairing, and entertaining

suggestions. And the cool part – you

can easily skip shipments or change

preferences. In case you don’t love your

wine, they’ll replace it for free!

cellars wine club


• Exploring new wines or stocking up your

cellar has never been easier. Whether

you are a novice or a connoisseur, this

wine club is equipped to take care of all

your wine needs. New discoveries to

timeless classics theirs is a uniquely

curated wine selection. You can go for a

monthly, every other month or quarterly

subscription in most of the 12 wine club

options. Free shipping and easy

cancellation are a part of the deal.

plonk wine club


• This wine club makes sure that you get

natural organic wines made by

passionate farmers. Your wine will be

free of any pesticides or commercial

additives used to enhance its color or

taste. They dig out the hidden gems

from traditional and emerging wine

regions globally. You get to taste wines

made from fascinating indigenous

grapes that are native to their place of

origin. This wine club puts you in the

driver’s seat with the type of wine,

quantity, and frequency options.

winecrasher wine club


• This Wine Club guarantees you the best

prices for 89+ rated wines. They pick

wines rated by the most trusted wine

critics like Robert Parker and Vinous. As

a member of this wine club, you save an

estimated 20%-25% over avg. market

prices. Super easy cancellation of

subscription via email anytime is the

added advantage. And if you don’t like

the wine they send, they’ll offer you a

different one at no extra cost.

90 cellars wine club


• One of the fastest growing wine brands

in America, 90+ Cellars searches the

globe for great wines from highly rated

wineries and vineyards. After tasting

hundreds of wines each year, they select

only the best for their wine portfolio. The

wines in the club are all 90+ rating and

available at a fraction of the original

source price. Another perk for the wine

club members – 15% off on most online

purchases outside of the wine club!

revel wine club


• Revel Wine Club is an offshoot of Winery

Exchange who’ve been in the business

of making wine, beer and spirits for 15

years. They work with eight winemakers

worldwide to get the very best of wines.

At Revel, you customize your own wine

club subscription by choosing your wine,

quantity, and frequency. Club members

can enjoy complimentary tastings at

their tasting rooms in Napa Valley and

Paso Robles. Starts at $39. Join Revel

Wine Club.

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