Wet Area/Locker Room
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First Service has been offering commercial and residential athletic equipment, flooring and furnishings since 1974.\n

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Wet Area/Locker Room

Our mission is to provide the highest quality athletic equipment, specialty flooring and

furnishings to fit your specific needs and budget. Since 1974, customers have relied on our

superior customer service, extensive product knowledge and competitive pricing to

maximize their facility's potential.

Bolon Woven Vinyl Flooring

This unique and versatile surface is right at home in a host of high-

traffic indoor applications. Manufactured by the world leader in woven

vinyl technology, Bolon's vinyl construction is waterproof, durable,

easy to maintain and exceptionally attractive. Consider using Bolon in

virtually any indoor area instead of carpet, linoleum, vinyl tile or

rubber: it's perfect for fitness areas, spinning studios, locker rooms,

cafes, indoor pool decks, offices, pro shops, lobbies and corridors.

Offered in rolls and tiles, Bolon features a flexible vinyl backing and a thin fiberglass layer

to ensure dimensional stability. The exclusive backing construction results in a totally

waterproof surface suitable for use in many areas where traditional flooring surfaces fail.

And, you're sure to appreciate Bolon's comfort underfoot and excellent acoustic properties.

The future of flooring is here, and it's only a phone call away!

Low maintenance - never needs waxing and cleans easily

Offered in 6' 7" x 81' 8" rolls and 19-1/2" square tiles

1/8" thick

Comfortable and sound absorbent

Non-slip surface dries quickly, making it ideal for wet areas

Vast color selection

Combine patterns for stunning results

Cut-length rolls available

5-year warranty

Hi-Rise Tile

Composed of recycled vinyl from automotive and post-industrial

scrap, these 3/4" high tiles are tougher than nails! Resistant to flame,

UV light, oils, solvents, acid, mold, mildew, burns, stains and many

chemicals, Hi-Rise tiles are ideally suited for large, heavy traffic areas.

Choose from 8 standard colors. Beveled edges and corners provide

gradual transition to surrounding surfaces.

Nomad Matting

Nomad's durable vinyl loop construction traps dirt and debris, while allowing water to

drain right through. Its resilient vinyl loops provide exceptional cushioned comfort for bare

feet. Resistant to body oils, fungus and mildew, UV-stabilized Nomad matting is offered in

full and cut-length rolls in blueberry and spruce green.


Dri-Dek is our most popular water draining floor tile. It's

attractive, installs quickly and is easy to maintain. It features

the most effective antimicrobial agent available: EPA

approved Oxy-B1 is deadly to fungus and bacteria because it

suffocates them on contact. This superior protection is

warranted for an amazing five years! The aggressive surface

is slip-resistant in the wettest conditions, while its flexible

construction affords easy rolling. Dri-Dek is offered in

interlocking tiles, sheets and rolls in 11 brilliant colors. If a

more rigid tile is required, choose Dri-Dek "HL" (heavy load), offered in red, blue, black and

gray only. Use beveled edge and corner pieces to complete your installation.

We are continuously adding new items and updating our product line, so please come back

regularly. The products depicted here are just a sampling of what we have to offer, so if you

can't find what you're looking for, please give us a call.

For more information please visit