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Safari Golf

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Safari Golf
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  1. Safari Golf RPTM 356

  2. Meet the Event Planners

  3. Safari Golf • Where: Penn State Golf Course • Date: Saturday April 10, 2010 • Time: 9am -12 pm • Event goals: The goal for our event is to increase awareness and skills of the participants in the game of golf

  4. Sponsoring Agency • Public Facility • 36-Holes • West College Ave. Penn State Golf Courses Mission Statement: Staff at The Penn State Golf Courses are dedicated to serving the public by providing high quality services and golfing experiences to players of all ages and abilities while enhancing their enjoyment of the game of golf.

  5. Agency Contact Joe Hughes • General Manager • Head Golf Professional

  6. Safari Golf Target Market • Junior Golfers ages 8-12 • Also geared towards family and friends • Joe’s support • Full registration and participation • Last minute signups

  7. Facility Layout • The Penn State Golf Courses are located about 1.5 miles from campus at 1523 West College Ave. • The public facility consists of a clubhouse, driving range, three putting greens, and two 18 hole golf courses.

  8. Facility Layout Cont…

  9. Facility Layout Cont… Registration was inside While golf cart assignments were outside the clubhouse.

  10. Facility Layout Cont… We decorated the golf carts with these green streamers… While Kristen’s roommate made these awesome animal designs for the team leaders carts and nametags.

  11. Facility Layout Cont… Here are some banners that were displayed at our event! Thanks to our sponsors!

  12. Facility Layout Cont… At the conclusion of Safari Golf we used this area, inside the clubhouse, to distribute surveys, serve food and beverages, and award prizes.

  13. Promotional Strategies • Email Database for Junior Golf Program (Joe Hughes) • Email Database for all PSU Golf Course members (Joe Hughes) • Flyers displayed at PSU Golf Courses Clubhouse (Joe Hughes) • Fliers passed out by PE teachers (Kirk Hoover) at Corl Street Elementary School • Word of mouth/fliers presented by Ferguson County PTO Council Representative Toni Irvin to PTO members

  14. Sponsors Without the help of our sponsors, Safari Golf would not have been as successful as it was. In total, we had 11 different sponsors that helped us with everything from prizes, decorations, and food/beverage.

  15. List of sponsors • Giant • Gumby’s Pizza • Dairy Queen • Eat’n Park • Jimmy John’s • Best Event • Philly Pretzel Factory • Northland Bowl • Appalachian Outdoors • Penn State Golf Courses • Asignmaker

  16. Items Donated • 20 pizzas = $200 • 30 piece sub platter = $46.50 • Cups, plates, napkins = $35 • 2 large banners = $200 • $10 gift card (soda and water) • 30 pretzel certificates = $20 • 60 bowling passes = $150 • Water bottle/ light bulb = $15 • 4 free rounds of golf/ small bucket of balls = $420 • 2 dozen cookies = $14 • 5 free blizzards = $17.50

  17. Items were used for… • Prizes (distributed to winners of contests while participants were eating lunch in an envelope) • Decorations • Visual Aids (banner) • Food (volunteers assisted group members in serving the participants in a buffet style setting) • Paper goods

  18. Schedule of Events 8:45-9:15 Registration 9:15-9:30 Welcome & Safety Overview 9:30-9:45 Participants to Starting Holes 9:45-11:30 Tournament 11:30-12:00 Re-group at Clubhouse 12:00-12:30 Awards/Closing

  19. Registration Area

  20. Introductions • Safety Overview • Introduce to Team Leaders

  21. Tournament • 5 Hole Alternate Shot with Parent • Max Score 8 Shots • Prizes on Each Hole( Closet to the Hole, Long Drive….

  22. Juniors Teeing Off

  23. Continued…

  24. Team Structure During Event • 5 Team Captains for 10 Teams: Evan, Kyle, Andrew, Zach, Thurston • Clubhouse Decorators: Kharl and Kristen • Food Delivery & Prize Organizer: Brian

  25. Lions • 1. Evan • Brown & Yellow

  26. Elephants • 2. Kyle • Blue & Gray

  27. Gorillas • 3. Andrew • Purple & Black

  28. Snakes • 4. Zach • Red & Green

  29. Tigers • 5. Thurston • Orange & White

  30. Event Responsibilities • Registration – Thurston & Andrew • Schedule of Events – Kharl & Kristen • Rights and Responsibilities – Brian • Tournament Rules – Andrew • Golf Cart Arrangement – Evan & Kyle • Putting Green Set Up – Kyle, Zach, & Evan • Birdie Golf - Zach

  31. Volunteer Responsibilities • 10 total volunteers • Decorate golf carts and bag drop-off • 6 - On the course helping teams in tournament • 4 - Decorating clubhouse, picking up food, organizing prizes • Distributing surveys and serving food

  32. Volunteer Training • Meeting was organized 2 days before event • Many emails • Day of event • Tour of holes used for tournament • Orientation of clubhouse and putting green

  33. The goal for our event is to increase awareness and skills of the participants in the game of golf. Accomplished Outcome Objective Outcome Objectives 75 % of participants attending Safari on April 10th will demonstrate proper grip, stance and swing technique by the end of the event as measured by an observational checklist. Did not accomplish 50% of youth attending Safari on April 10th will express interest in attending the summer youth golf program as measured by a survey. Accomplished, 80% 80% of participants attending Safari Golf on April 10th will identify three of the facts they learned about golf during our event as measured by a surveys that the end of the event. 12 did not answer. 4 answered 3, 4 answered 2, 4 answered 1, 1 said nothing.

  34. Process Objectives 1. How the event will benefit the sponsoring organization. A team of RPTM 356 students will plan, promote, implement and evaluate a youth golf event for The Penn State Golf Course on April 10th at the Penn State Golf Course as measured by the class instructor. Accomplished 2. # of participants Sixty participants, thirty pairs of youths and adults, will attend the golf event on April 10th at the Penn State Golf Course as measured by attendance sign in sheet. Not Accomplished 3. Promotional activities / materials. To promote the golf event by sending an email to past participants, providing flyers to locale elementary school gym teachers, and informing locale Cub Scout troops by April 1st as measured by the marketing committee. Accomplished  4. Budget proposal To make a budget by March 22nd that consists of realistic expenditures that can be covered by our donations measured by the sponsorship plan and budget. Accomplished 5. Participant satisfaction 75% of participants will mark a three or higher, out of four, for how much they enjoyed the event in a likert scale question on a survey at the end of the event. Accomplished

  35. 6. Volunteer help & training We will recruit, train, and maintain seven volunteers by April 5th as recorded by the logistics committee. Accomplished 7. Solicitation of external donations or sponsorships We will solicit 300 dollars or more in donation, from at least five different sponsors before March 29th as measured by the sponsorship plan.Accomplished 8. Your choice To offer a different competition on every whole of the event as measured by the schedule of events.Accomplished 9. Your choice To offer a mini golf course on the practice green for participates to engage in if they arrive early or chose to step out from the scheduled activates on April 10th measured by the schedule of events. Accomplished 10. Your choice We will offer seven stations to participants of the Safari Golf event on April 10th as measured by the schedule of events. Accomplished

  36. Survey Strategy Surveys were distributed after the golfing portion of the event as participants walked into the club house, just before the lunch portion of the event. Team members and volunteers walked around collecting the surveys as participants finished. We colligated 51 surveys, 25 from adults, 26 for youths.

  37. Strengths of Our Team • Consistently organized and aware of fine details • Golf experienced teammates and familiarity of Penn State Golf Courses • Valuable connections • Excellent sponsorship • Flexible agency contact • Shared interest in event • Collaboration of skills and efforts

  38. Some challenges we faced • Getting golf clubs out • Pacing play • Weather

  39. SUCCESS! • Golf Course Set-Up • Volunteers • Pre-Event Organization • Registration • Instructions • Timing on the Golf Course

  40. What would we do differently • Meet with Joe the night before • Decorate carts the night before • Do a run through of the event • Have jungle music • To have rental clubs out • Awards- we didn’t give everything away