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Women of the 50’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Women of the 50’s

Women of the 50’s

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Women of the 50’s

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  1. Women of the 50’s Hailey Schaub Pd.5

  2. Family Fame Jobs

  3. Husband • Men in the 50s were a women’s main dependence. • A women’s main job was to keep her husband happy. • Girls in high school were required to take home economics, they were taught that getting married and having children was the socially acceptable thing to do. • They were taught for example: • dinner was to be ready by the time your husband arrived home from work • freshening yourself and looking nice was always a plus, it shows your husband you care • Clear clutter such as tidy up toys and books • Prepare the children for dinner, comb their hair and make sure their hands are washed • Minimize noise like shut off all appliances: washer, dryer, dishwasher etc. • Make sure you try not to complain especially if your husband is late for dinner • Ask him how his day was and let him vent if needed • Most of all make your husband feel comfortable Housewife 101

  4. Children • Pregnancy was very common and at a rather early age. • Women were getting pregnant at the age of 15 at a very large rate, obviously things are different now. • Children were very dependant on their mothers for a lot more then they are now • Family meals were very important, moms would cook a full meal for breakfast. • Cereals and poptarts were not seen as a substantial breakfast

  5. Jobs Fame Family

  6. Out of home jobs Women were not as well educated as they are today. Women were lucky to make it to their graduation. Most women only got part time jobs. These jobs were seen as the typical “women’s job.” • Secretary • Teacher • Nurse • Librarian

  7. HouseHold Children and the housework became the fulltime job for women. Home chores consisted of: cooking, fast food would have been a sin in the eyes of a housewife of the 50s cleaning, the house was normally spotless from top to bottom in order for a women to feel she had done her job right lawn care, a garden was seen as a rather popular hobby for women

  8. Fame These women were the popular stars of the 1950s. They all spent their time making a living as singers and or actresses. Family Jobs

  9. Doris Day • Born:Doris von Kappelhoff on 4/3/24 • Doris was a singer and actress. Doris was a thriving success in the 1950s. She starred in a number of musicals, comedies, and thrillers. • Doris even had her own show which aired 128 episodes.

  10. Elizabeth taylor • Born on 2/27/32 in London, England • Elizabeth was a successful actress, her career took off at a young age. • Some of her films included • National Velvet • A Place in the Sun • Giant • Cleopatra • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof • Elizabeth Taylor has also had a reputation for her emence amount of failed marriages. • Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, Jr. (1950-51) (hotel heir)Michael Wilding (1952-57) (British actor) Michael Todd (1957-58) (producer) Eddie Fisher (1959-64) (American singer)Richard Burton (1964-1974)(Welsh actor)Richard Burton (1975-1976) (Welsh actor)John Warner (1976-1982) (US Senator)Larry Fortensky (1991-1996)

  11. Lucille Ball • Born: 8/6/11 • Lucille starred in an ever popular TV series I Love Lucy, playing a mockery of the typical 50s housewife. • In her lifetime Lucille ended up winning eight Emmy awards. • Her husband in the show “Ricky Ricardo” was her husband in reality

  12. Marilyn Monroe • Born: Norma JeaneMortenson on 6/1/26 • Marilyn is a legendary actress she starred in the films Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot. • She was married to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and also playwright Arthur Miller.

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