what happened after the war n.
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What happened after the war?

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What happened after the war? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What happened after the war?. Lindy and Celestine. The shortage of houses.

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what happened after the war

What happened after the war?

Lindy and Celestine

the shortage of houses
The shortage of houses

When the Japanese bombed Singapore, the houses collapsed or were damaged. There was a shortage of houses and because renting of houses were so expensive as many as ten people were squeezed inside one small room which caused breathing difficulties and stuffiness.

price of food
Price of food

Prices of food also became higher than before. Many people were starving but could not find anything to eat. There were cases of people searching in rubbish bins for edible or usable stuff.


Some people did odd jobs while others became hawkers, selling anything they could get their hands on.

shortage of water and electricity
Shortage of water and electricity

There was a shortage of water and electricity in Singapore. Most of the machinery used to filter and pump water was damaged during the war. Moreover, water pipes in building brust. As a result, there was not enough water for the people. People had to be careful about how they handle water. Machinery for generating electricity was also damaged. With little electricity, the streets were unsafe at night as they were not lit.

what the british government did food
What the British government did(food)?

Food was rationed. Each family was allowed to buy only a small amount of food so that every family would have food. Children were given free food at some food distribution centres. The British made agreements with other countries to supply rice and other foodstuffs to Singapore in exchange for rubber. 

what the bristish government did jobs
What the Bristish government did(jobs)?

The government loaned money to businessmen to help them start businesses. It promised to buy what these businesses imported, like food and clothing. the government also started trading with neighbouring countries again. When trade took place, there were more jobs for people.

what the bristish government did water and electricity
What the Bristish government did(water and electricity)?

The British government repaired the machinery needed to generate electricity and pump water  so as to restore the supply of electricity nd water. Water pipes that had burst were also fixed. Gas pipes that were leaking were located and repaired.


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