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Cloudway S4 HANA Capabilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloudway S4 HANA Capabilities

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Cloudway S4 HANA Capabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloudway is a recognized leader in Advisory Sourcing, CRM Consulting, HRM Solutions & ERP Consulting Services which help clients to develop the methods and means to gain sustainable, continually improving results, in collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

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Cloudway S4 HANA Capabilities

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    2. About Us • • Risk & opportunity Assessment Cash & Capital management Cloudway is a recognized leader in Advisory Sourcing, CRM Consulting, HRM Solutions & ERP Consulting Services which help clients to develop the methods and means to gain sustainable, continually improving results, in collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders. With one of the largest, most accomplished Advisory Consulting teams in all over India, CLOUDWAY helps enterprise procurement groups at several Fortune 500 companies rapidly achieve more efficient, more effective operations, with greaterreach, improvedperformanceand increased impact. • • Procurement Transformation Business Process Redesign • • Strategic Sourcing Customer Strategy & Marketing • • Low Cost Country Sourcing Capability Sourcing • • Market Intelligence Product & Category Management • • Supply Chain Consulting Sustained cost transformation @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    3. Executive Summary Why Cloudway › CLOUDWAY Consulting has long-standing expertise in large-scale private sector cost reduction services , helping our clients get the best deal from bought-in goods and services. › We are focused on Advisory Consulting, CRM Solutions, HRM Solutions & ERP Consulting. Our consultants develop and implement solutions that tightly fit our clients’ needs. › Expertise in Procurement Sourcing, Process Auditing, Supply Chain Optimization , Business Integration & Deployment. › Innovative solutions & strategic partnerships with leading technology partners. › Leveraging People, Processes & Technology to enhance competitiveness. › Flexibility delivery models to deliver fixed-price, fixed-time solutions. › Focusing on IT enabled Business Transformation solutions for maximizing client’s ROI. Mission & Vision Cloudway mission since its inception in 2010, is to be viewed as a true consulting partner to our customers. Our mission is to act as an extension to the corporate IT groups, to aid in the successful IT transformation & technology initiatives. Cloudway’s vision is to continuously improve in our skills, in our specialized areas of expertise, & embrace our clients to accelerate the IT transformation & successful implementations of projects we engage. It is this trusted advisor role that will allow us to act as a true partner throughout these initiatives. @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    4. Boardroom of theFuture @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    5. @SAP’s bold vision for the future of enterprises: Run Simple To help customers Run Simple, we are breaking all the limitations of thepast Today, we are announcing a new business suite, fully built for SAP HANA, with all that only SAP HANA cando SAP S/4HANA is a new product and our biggest innovation since SAP R/3 SAP CEO Bill Mc Dermott announces the SAP Simple Finance solution at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference held in 2014 @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    6. Where does complexity hide in enterprises? Batch processing Technology limitation Scattered information Complex business processes Large organizations can spend between 40% and 80% of their time on non- value-added activities Complex decision making “Large global organizations have created so much complexitythat businesses often struggle to bring good ideas to the marketplace profitably.” Complex data structures 73% percent of executives saidthe complexity of data is the largest IT challenge 10.2% or $237B* of profits lost by top 200 global companies due to hidden costs ofcomplexity @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    7. SAP HANA, The great Simplifier of enterprise Software SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAPHANA SAP Simple Finance powered by SAPHANA SAP Business Suitepowered by SAPHANA SAP HANA  Real-timeanalysis  Real-timebusiness  In-memory platform  Instantfinancial insight  Real-time reporting  OLAP and OLTP together  SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for SAPBusiness Suite on SAP HANA  Simplified data model  No aggregates  New user experience  Singlesource oftruth  Advanced processing  Choice of deployment 2013 2011 2012 2015 2014 @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    8. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANAMomentum and Market Success >50% of live installations throughpartners Live customers in 42 countries 26 industries >1,800 Customers >150,000 users on a singleERP on HANAsystem 0 >4,300 certified partnerconsultants Escalations 80+ References @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    9. SAP S/4HANA New suite designed for the ultimate sophistication: simplicity Role-based Simple User Experience Alldevices All enterprises All industries All roles All data All regions All deployments All extensions • • • • • • • Digitallyconnected Simple Business Solutions Realtime Without aggregates Simple Data Models Without redundancy @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    10. SAP S/4HANA – unique value for business Reimagined Business Models Simplicity toconnect to people, devices, business networks Reimagined Business Decisions Simplicity to getany insight onany data fromanywhere S/4 HANA Reimagined Business Processes Simplicity to focus onthe essential tasks and change businessprocesses No morecomplex collaboration– all businessconnected No more manual consolidation– all decisions on the fly and at the highest level of granularity No more batch – all processes in real time @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    11. SAP S/4HANA – unique value for IT and users Reimagined User Experience Simplicity to get the job done on any device with SAP Fiori UX and interactive graphics Reimagined Data Models Simplicity to reduce data footprint with in-memory technology – noindices, no aggregates, no redundancies Reimagined System Configuration Simplicity to configure the system with guided configuration HANA Traditional databases In-memory platform Role oriented Function oriented Guided configuration @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    12. Some facts about SAP S/4HANA 1800x faster analytics& reporting 4x Last Process Steps 10x smaller data footprint 7x higher throughput  Built on SAPHANA  ERP, CRM, SRM,SCM, PLM in one system  No locking,parallelism  Actual data (25%) and historical(75%)  Unlimited workload capacity  Predict, recommend,simulate  SAP HANA Cloud Platformextensions  SAP HANAmulti-tenancy  All data: social, text, geo, graphprocessing Three deployment options: ON-PREMISE, PUBLIC CLOUD, MANGED CLOUD  New SAP Fiori UX for any device (mobile, desktop,tablet) @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    13. @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    14. Example: SAP Simple Finance – early adopters “Zurich wanted to be one of the first customers to evaluate the financials innovation delivered with SAP HANA. Deployed as a simple add-on for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, we are really impressed by the results in terms of the performance, simplification, and agility it could bring to our finance community.” “Our first experience with SAP Simple Finance, powered by SAP HANA,has proven to be the right solution to drive our key financial processes and reporting in real time. Our finance users were really impressed by the ability to perform reporting and analytics on item levels. Reconciliations of costs and financial accounting can now be done at any time. I’m fully confident this is theway forward to run finance at DSB.” “Deloitte has been collaborating with SAP on the next-generation finance solutions, and we have significant experience with SAP HANA as weuse it within our own financial systems. The role of the CFO and the CFO’s team continues to evolve, and this new wave of innovation will allow finance professionals to access information in new ways, enabled by the speed and power of SAP HANA. This will help to drive ongoing finance transformation as we seeit atDeloitte.” Jan Waals, Principal and Global SAPPractice Leader Deloitte ConsultingLLP WilcoBoosman, Director, SAP Convergence Zurich InsuranceGroup Ken Kastrup Nielsen, IT FinanceSpecialist DSB (Danish StateRailways) @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    15. Example: SAP Simple Finance – early adopters (2) “The financials add-on for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA was deployed in less than two months without any disruption to our business. We now have one common platform for both regulatory and managerial accounting as well as on-the-fly financial processes. This innovation will help us deliver stronger financial leadership through better advice on strategic and operationalplans that impact the business performance and effectiveness of SAP.” LukaMucic Chief Financial Officer, SAPSE “Our students live in a technological era, and we must provide a consistent environment so that their learning life and their social life can seamlessly blend. Our teaching staff and researchers must also have administrative overhead lifted from them so they can concentrate on their core activities. As an example, with SAP Simple Finance, our finance organization will be able to focus on the most essential tasks and get the job done in real time.” John Dewar, President & Vice Chancellor La Trobe University(Australia) “As a leader in high security technology, innovation is criticalfor us, which includes implementing our internal processes, such as finance, on the latest technology platform. SAP, with its SAP HANA technology, is definitely ahead of the competition with its database technology and speed. We have run SAP ERP since 2002, and will now change our platform to SAP HANA, to enable us to take advantage of SAP’s continuing innovations such as SAP Simple Finance, to meet our goal of being a technology leader both in our own business, as well as in our internal support processes.” ChristianHelfrich CFO, Bundesdruckerei (Germany) @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

    16. Corporate Office Branch Office Cloudway Consulting Pvt Ltd | Mumbai, Maharashtra. Level 17, DLH Park, Ramlal Compound SV Road, Near Goregaon Flyover, Goregaon West. Cloudway Consulting Pvt Ltd | Noida, India. D-83 | Sector -6 | Land-Line : 120-4226511 @ Cloudway 2016. All Rights Reserved

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