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SAP on Amazon web services PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP on Amazon web services

SAP on Amazon web services

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SAP on Amazon web services

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  1. SAP on Amazon Web Services Arpit Ahuja, Principal Consultant

  2. What is Amazon Web Services • Complete set of infrastructure and application services • Enables customers to run virtually any application on cloud

  3. AWS Building Blocks Deployment and Administration Application Services Compute Storage Database Networking Global Infrastructure

  4. AWS Global Infrastructure • 10 Different Regions • 28 Availability Zones • 51 Edge Locations

  5. Why AWS • Lower Overall Cost • Economies of Scale • Pay for what you use • Replace Capex with Opex • No upfront cost • No commitment • Agility and Speed • Provision new Infrastructure in minutes • Endhardware refresh cycle • No need to plan and manage hardware refresh cycle • Elasticity and Flexibility • Scale up or down automatically • On Demand access to unlimited resources • Shift focus to differentiation • Free internal resources • Focus on innovation • Self-Service • Procure, provision and manage resources via self-service • Secure and Durable • Industry Recognition certification and audits

  6. WS clients across Globe

  7. Government and Educational Client

  8. Security Certifications

  9. SAP licensing on AWS • BYOL – Bring your own license • Primary model for most SAP applications • Existing SAP licenses can be used on AWS • License Included • SAP HANA One Business Edition • BOBJ BI 4.0 – w/5 user license • Trial / Developer Editions • SAP Afaria Trial • SAP Process Orchestration Trial • Sybase Unwired Platform Developer Image • SAP HANA One Developer Edition

  10. AWS / SAP Alliance

  11. SAP Solutions certified on AWS • SAP Business suite • ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, SRM, NetWeaverABAP and Java apps • SAP Business All-in-One (A1) • SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) • SAP Business Objects BI Solutions • SAP Afaria (Mobile Device Management) • SAP HANA One • SAP Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) • SAP Business One (On-premise) Certification Requirement only applies to production use cases. Any SAP application can be run on AWS for non-production use cases. SAP note # 165609 contains the latest information regarding SAP product, landscape and platform support on AWS

  12. SAP use cases on AWS • Extend Existing IT Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud • Run Test, Training, Demo, POC and Sandbox systems on AWS • Migrate SAP DEV and QAS landscapes to AWS • SAP Document and Data Archiving to AWS Cloud Storage • Temporary infrastructure for SAP upgrades and OS/DB migrations • DR site for on-premises SAP production environments • Migrate SAP legacy systems to AWS • Host Complete SAP Environments on the AWS Cloud

  13. Hybrid Scenarios

  14. Full Deployment on Cloud

  15. Sample Pricing • Sample SAP Test/Demo system(Singapore Region) • 1 EC2 instance (VM): 4 cores x 15 GB Memory • Online – Mon to Fri 8 am to 8 pm = 250 hours per month • Persistent Storage = 200 GB • Backup Storage = 500 GB

  16. Our Services Consulting Managed Services Hosting Disaster Recovery 24/7 Help Desk Backup & Recovery DB Administration OS Admin & Patching Account Management Basis Upgrades • Implementation • POCs • Evaluations • AWS Onboarding • SAP sizing • Performance Tuning • OS/DB Migrations • Architecture Planning • High Availability

  17. Responsibilities

  18. AWS Component Introduction to all components on AWS

  19. Compute • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides scalable virtual private servers using Xen. • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) allows businesses, researchers, data analysts, and developers to easily and cheaply process vast amounts of data. It uses a hosted Hadoop framework running on the web-scale infrastructure of EC2 and Amazon S3.

  20. Networking • Amazon Route 53 provides a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) creates a logically isolated set of Amazon EC2 instances which can be connected to an existing network using a VPN connection. • AWS Direct Connect provides dedicated network connections into AWS data centers, providing faster and cheaper data throughput.

  21. Content Delivery • Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network (CDN) for distributing objects to so-called "edge locations" near the requester.

  22. Storage • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides Web Service based storage. • Amazon Glacier provides a low-cost, long-term storage option (compared to S3). High redundancy and availability, but low-frequent access times. Ideal for archiving data. • AWS Storage Gateway, an iSCSI block storage virtual appliance with cloud-based backup. • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides persistent block-level storage volumes for EC2. • AWS Import/Export, accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of AWS using portable storage devices for transport.

  23. Database • Amazon DynamoDBprovides a scalable, low-latency NoSQL online Database Service backed by SSDs. • Amazon ElastiCacheprovides in-memory caching for web applications. This is Amazon's implementation of MemcachedandRedis • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) provides a scalable database server with MySQL, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server,and PostgreSQL support. • Amazon Redshift provides petabyte-scale data warehousing with column-based storage and multi-node compute. • Amazon SimpleDBallows developers to run queries on structured data. It operates in concert with EC2 and S3 to provide "the core functionality of a database". • AWS Data Pipeline provides reliable service for data transfer between different AWS compute and storage services (e.g., Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR). In other words this service is simply a data-driven workload management system, which provides a simple management API for managing and monitoring of data-driven workloads in cloud applications • Amazon Kinesis streams data in real time with the ability to process thousands of data streams on a per-second basis. The service, designed for real-time apps, allows developers to pull any amount of data, from any number of sources, scaling up or down as needed

  24. Deployment • Amazon CloudFormationprovides a file-based interface for provisioning other AWS resources. • AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides quick deployment and management of applications in the cloud. • AWS OpsWorksprovidesconfiguration of EC2 services using Chef

  25. Management • Amazon Identity and Access Management(IAM) is an implicit service, the authentication infrastructure used to authenticate access to the various services. • Amazon CloudWatch, provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources and applications, starting with EC2. • AWS Management Console (AWS Console), A web-based point and click interface to manage and monitor the Amazon infrastructure suite including (but not limited to) EC2,EBS, S3, SQS, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon CloudFront.Amazon also makes available a mobile application for Androidwhich has support for some of the management features from the console.

  26. Application Services • Amazon CloudSearchprovides basic full-text search and indexing of textual content. • Amazon DevPay, currently in limited beta version, is a billing and account management system for applications that developers have built atop Amazon Web Services. • Amazon Elastic Transcoder (ETS) provides video transcoding of S3 hosted videos, marketed primarily as a way to convert source files into mobile-ready versions. • Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS) provides an interface for micropayments. • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) provides bulk and transactional email sending. • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) provides a hosted message queue for web applications. • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) provides a hosted multi-protocol "push" messaging for applications. • Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF) is a workflow service for building scalable, resilient applications.