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MEMOIR!. By: Clay.

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  1. MEMOIR! By:Clay

  2. One of the greatest things I have ever done is gone on a trip to Ocean City, Maryland. They have everything there. They have great food, crabs, waves boats, the sea, and of course the boardwalk! I walked off the plane with a whopping smile on my face. And I should have had an even bigger smile, because I was about to have the most fun I had ever had. I didn’t know it, but this was the coolest place ever. Like I said before, this place had everything.

  3. We stayed in a nice hotel right by the beach. That way you can get up and go to the beach. Oh yeah, don’t forget sunscreen. Then you get there and run around. All over. You can go anywhere. Pretty much any shop is in walking distance. What an eco friendly place…

  4. I am going to talk about a rollercoaster later, but right now I want to talk about the whole carnival on the boardwalk in general. They have tons of different rides. From the ZIPPER to the kitty-coaster. Plus, for a lot of the rides, they don’t check your height. They don’t just let you on the ride in Michigan, now do they. I don’t think so…

  5. We ate crabs one of those nights. Those are probably the best crabs in the world. They catch them right out of the ocean. They use big nets and scoop them right out from the ocean floor. Then they cook them, put some Old Bay on, and you have the best Ocean City dinner ever. Or lunch, or possibly breakfast.

  6. After we ate those we did tons of other stuff. We played in the waves for at least 3 hours, if not more. It was great. We kept getting chased down by the waves and kept getting knocked over. We were out their getting knocked over and laughing, and having the best time ever, we were also getting a pretty darn good workout.

  7. One of the good things about this place is that it is real easy to plan your day in the morning. You pick what you want to do, eat breakfast, or not, and then go do it. Plus, if you want to add or drop something, it is easy because, like I said before, you can walk just about anywhere.

  8. Oh yeah, the fishing. The fishing is amazing. There are so many different fish. They are all so cool looking. You can catch a big fish or small, red or green, striped or plain. You can go fishing for a whole day. But watch out for seasickness. It ruined my whole day. I got sick on the boat, so for 2 hours plus, I had to lie on the boat full of salt water. The boat rocking, back and forth, side to side, it was awful. By the time we got off the boat, I had a rash going on my face, and the sickest feeling ever in my stomach. But don’t let MY experience with Ocean City fishing ruin yours. Go ahead!

  9. Then it was on to the boardwalk. We were there for most of the time we were in Ocean City. The boardwalk is a long wooden path that runs along the beach. On the other side of it are all shops. They have just about any store you can think of. A store for clothes, candy, food, and man o man was that food is good.

  10. They have all kinds of food. You know how in some places there are stands for food all over. This was just like it. Only it was better. Way better. Everyone was selling different stuff. And it was not even close to being all seafood. You could have meat, cake, fish; a ton of food was there.

  11. But my favorite stores were the candy ones. They had just about any candy you could think of. They had Hershey’s, wonka, and this really good stuff called saltwater taffy... The candy tasted so good. It was almost as if it tasted better than candy in Michigan, which is pretty darn good. Those are some of the best stores I have been in on the boardwalk.

  12. When you go into town there is tons of fun looking places. Plus everyone is walking around or biking around just checking out stores. It is like the boardwalk, but with concrete and corners. And no beach. But it is still fun and there are almost no cars so it is really safe.

  13. A restaurant in Ocean City usually has seafood and maybe chicken fingers for the little kids. The seafood is the good stuff, especially the lobsters and crabs. The fish are good too. If you get seafood and a pop, you’re all set. But everything is at the least above decent.

  14. When we went to the boardwalk one day, we looked at the biggest Roller Coaster EVER. My Dad and I got in line. Then it was time for us to get on. It was the craziest Roller Coaster ever… It had a big drop, a loop de loop, and a corkscrew. And everything was really high. Oh yeah, after you did it once, you did the whole thing again, backwards. BEST TRIP EVER!

  15. I thought about it, and this summer, I know if we are only going on 1 big trip, I want it to be to Ocean City. This is one of my favorite places in the world. If not, my favorite place. I want to go back there and I would not give that trip up for just about anything.

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