Lewis letter 8 basketball communication
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Lewis Letter # 8 Basketball/Communication. Hello Parents and Teachers,

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Lewis letter 8 basketball communication

Lewis Letter # 8Basketball/Communication

Hello Parents and Teachers,

We have completed our Circuit Training Unit. The students were really able to show how much improvement they have made!! We started out the school year with some circuit training before we did the fitnessgram assessment. It helps me to get an understanding of what each student is capable of at the start of the year. We also perform all of these exercises from circuit training during our strengthening exercises during each class throughout the year. It shows me how successful our athletes are. At the beginning of the year we really struggled with these movements. They participated in these activities with much more understanding and fluency!

We are now moving on to our team sport of basketball. We will work on skills of dribbling, passing, shooting as well as better understanding of offense and defense. We will use modified goals, balls, and equipment were appropriate. Weather permitting take your child out to the park or in your yard and let them show you all the things they are learning. If you are not up to that you can even watch a little basketball on T.V. with your child and discuss what they have learned in that manner

Our health lesson topic will be on communication. Because communication plays such a large part in everyone’s life it is even more important for our students who may have difficulty with it to learn about what is appropriate and inappropriate. We stress during the lesson good ways of communication such as: using your words, body language, writing, typing, or even sigh language. Many times I find that bridging the gap in communication helps to prevent behaviors as well. So if there are any specific tips that you have that work for your child feel free to pass it on to the teacher Anything that will enhance the success of your child/student.

Coach Tina Lewis


[email protected]

Basketball skill cues
Basketball Skill Cues

Basketball Dribbling (6th grade)

Eyes forward

Finger pads

Push the ball downward

Ball below waist

Eyes on target

Basketball Shooting (7th grade)

Shooting- Get Ready

1. Bend the knees.

2. Spread fingers of dominant hand behind the ball.

3. Keep elbow under ball.

4. Watch the target.

Shooting- Release

1. Push the ball toward the goal.

2. Extend the arm upward toward the goal

3. Arch the ball.

4. Follow through (snap the wrist).

Spread fingers

Elbow under ball

Bend Knees

Basketball passing cues 7 th grade
Basketball Passing Cues (7th Grade)

1. Start with ball at chest level

2. Pass the ball to receiver on the

first bounce

3.Bounce ball 2/3 the distance from


1. Ball at chest

2. Two hands-spread the fingers, thumbs behind the ball

3. Elbows out

4. Push the ball and follow through

1.Bring ball behind the head

2.Point elbows to receiver

3.Pass the ball and follow through