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Hobbies/Interests. Group members:  Eng Xue Ying(7)  Kaycee Tan(8)  Kee Pei Wen(9). What is a hobby?.

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  1. Hobbies/Interests Group members:Eng Xue Ying(7)Kaycee Tan(8) Kee Pei Wen(9)

  2. What is a hobby? It is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time.Generally speaking, the person who engages in an activity for fun is considered a hobby Examples of hobbies:Stamp collecting Bowling Tennis Reading booksKnitting Scrapbooking Fishing Camping

  3. Xue Ying’s hobby As for me, reading is a hobby I have taken an interest in since primary school. It started with my mother bringing me to the nearby library. We borrowed some books and from then on my hobby for reading was cultivated. From then on, I pestered my mother to accompany me to the public library to borrow books. I would not put a book down until I have finished reading it. Often, my mother would open the door to my room on weekdays late at night to find me still reading a book. Books are truly mesmerising and exciting, each in their own way. It takes the reader to a whole new world of fun and lively imagination. The reader will go through the same mixed emotions of the main character, be it joy or sorrow. There are endless possibilities in books as compared to our seemingly dull life. As I continued with this interest of mine, I realised that reading have helped to improve my English. By reading, I have gotten more used to the way sentences are constructed and when to use what tenses, not to mention learning new words all the time. Reading is truly a great way to spend free time and it also helps to improve out language.

  4. Kaycee’s Hobby As for me, basketball is my hobby. It all started when I was playing basketball with my brother and scored a few goals. I took basketball as my CCA when I am secondary one and I enjoyed it very much. It does not only build on my physical strength but it trains me mentally. After every training, I learnt to be more resilient and not to give up easily. I can apply it to my daily life and it benefits me a lot as I can achieve my goal I have targeted through my resiliency and hard work. Through playing basketball, I can also relieve my stress and during the ups and downs, playing basketball helps me the most. I had gained a sense of satisfaction when I get the basketball into the hoop and this satisfaction always motivate me to train harder and to love basketball even more.

  5. Pei Wen’s hobby For me, a hobby that developed into an addiction is Taekwondo. Taekwondo is not just a sport or combat and self-defence. Its essence is in its philosophy and ethics; be courteous to all, determine what is right and wrong and take accountability for your mistakes. To persevere until a result is achieved, control yourself physically and mentally and most importantly, to have an indomitable spirit where you should always give in 100% effort in whatever you do.

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