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wadi ecosystem n.
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Wadi ecosystem

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Wadi ecosystem
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Wadi ecosystem

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  1. Wadi ecosystem By: Abdulla Buhussain


  3. WHAT IS A WADI ECOSYSTEM? • A wadiis an area of lowland typically surrounded by much higher hills or mountains. It is one of many geological features that make up the surface of the Earthand it is of special interest and importance to humans

  4. PEOPLE THROW THEIR WASTE IN THE WADI If Wadi’s were polluted it would be really hard for people to clean it and save the planet. The waste that people throw could be chemicals such as oil, junk or metal. People think that throwing home waste in Wadi’s is not dangerous but what will happen if they are going to keep throwing it for hundreds of years. There are thousands of factories and millions of homes all around the world and they should be responsible for their waste.

  5. ANIMAL’S EATING RUBBISH IN WADI’S If bad things go into the Wadi then animals eat it they could not digest it and will later die. Its very bad for animals to eat rubbish for example if a mountain goat eats rubbish prey would eat the mountain goat and then it would eat the rubbish in the mountain goat and die and that would put animals in danger of extinction.

  6. WADI’S ARE DANGEROUS TO VISIT WHEN THERE IS RAIN If people have picnic’s in Wadi’s sometimes water suddenly comes down and they drown. People who live or swim by the foot of the Wadi and don’t follow the government’s rules they have put themselves and their family in danger. Almost every year 300 Omani’s drown in Wadi’s which will affect Omans population.

  7. hope you have learned more about saving the wadi ecosystem and people will more responsible and aware about their waste and trash. Please stop polluting one of Emirates rare ecosystems I