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I LOVE LEARNING!!!. What is a permanent change in behavior due to experience? LEARNING. What type of learning takes place when we learn to associate 2 stimuli and we are unaware of it? Classical conditioning.

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Presentation Transcript

What type of learning takes place when we learn to associate 2 stimuli and we are unaware of it?

  • Classical conditioning

When you reinforce the small steps along the way to building an overall behavior it is known as…

  • Shaping

What study showed that children imitate behaviors they see AND whose experiment was this?

  • Albert Bandura & the BoboDoll

A student earned Fs on his first two Geometry tests and says “I’m just not good at math” and doesn’t try for the rest of the school year. What is this an example of AND what psychologist is associated with it?

  • learned helplessness
  • Martin Seligman

A boy grows up watching his dad change the oil in the family cars. When he turns 16, dad buys the boy his own car and is shocked to see the boy changes the oil one day after school. What type of learning does this represent?

  • Latent learning

Name 2 psychologists associated with classical conditioning AND their experiments.

  • Pavlov-salivating dogs
  • Watson-Little Albert

Who came up with the Law of Effect that states behavior is more likely to occur when reinforced?

  • Edward Thorndike

The point at which the neutral stimulus becomes the conditioned stimulus and creates the conditioned response (aka a new behavior has been created) is called…

  • acquisition

Little Albert was conditioned to be afraid of rats. That fear soon spread to other items of the same texture, shape, color like dogs and stuffed animals. This is an example of what phenomenon?

  • Generalization

You have been taught to leave a classroom when you hear the sound of a bell over the intercom. You do not leave the classroom when you hear a car honk its horn outside. What is this is an example of?

  • Discrimination

Ryan keeps asking Ms. Williams to go to the bathroom. After being told no every day for a month, he stops asking. What is this an example of?

  • Extinction

A factory worker is paid for each chair she completes. This is what partial schedule of reinforcement?

  • Fixed ratio

A teacher gives praise to his students at random times. What partial schedule of reinforcement?

  • Variable interval

You are making your wonderful 6th period teacher cookies for Christmas. You check the oven every ten minutes to see if the cookies are ready. What partial schedule of reinforcement?

  • Fixed interval

If your teachers were to get a $20 bonus for each student that scored advanced on a CST test, what type of partial reinforcement would that be?

  • Fixed ratio

You buy lottery tickets because you want to win money to pay for my summer vacation (you are the best!). What partial schedule of reinforcement?

  • Variable ratio

What type of reinforcement/punishment is the following: You study for an hour and reward yourself by eating pizza.

  • Positive reinforcement

What type of reinforcement/punishment is the following: turning on the air conditioning during a hot summer day.

  • Negative reinforcement

What type of reinforcement/punishment is the following: You give your mom attitude when she asks you to clean your room so she takes away your phone for the rest of the week.

  • Negative punishment

What type of reinforcement/punishment is the following: A dog bites you because it doesn’t like to way you are playing with it.

  • Positive punishment

Your mom tells your little brother that he must finish his science project in order to go to the movies with his friends. What idea is this following? (using what he wants to do to get him to do what he doesn’t)

  • PremackPrinciple

Things that we have learned to value are known as what AND give an example…

  • Secondary reinforcers
  • Money
  • Fame…

What is the new biological explanation of why the brain experiences observational learning?

  • Mirror neurons (frontal lobe)

If your electricity were to go out tonight you would still be able to find your way around the house because Edward Toleman showed we have what?

  • Cognitive maps

The smell of your girlfriend’s cherry chapstick gets you all hot and bothered. Then you broke up and you no longer get to smell the cherry chapstick. One day while sitting in Twisselman’s Lit class you get a whiff of the same smell and get excited. Why?

  • Spontaneous recovery

A monkey wants to get a peanut out of a small tube. After staring at it for twenty minutes, he fills it with water and out pops the peanut. What is this an example of?

  • Insight learning

Whose studies on rats & taste aversions showed that there are biological factors involved in learning?

  • John Garcia

What psychologist is credited with showing that classical conditioning also involves cognition (thinking, etc) through his experiments with dogs, tones, shocks, and fear?

  • Robert Rescorla