how reality tv effects teenagers by kelsey ennis n.
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How reality TV effects teenagers By: Kelsey Ennis PowerPoint Presentation
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How reality TV effects teenagers By: Kelsey Ennis

How reality TV effects teenagers By: Kelsey Ennis

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How reality TV effects teenagers By: Kelsey Ennis

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  1. How reality TV effects teenagersBy: Kelsey Ennis

  2. Thesis • Reality TV is a fast growing industry that targets teens as their audience. Many teens are negatively influenced by these topics that include: glamourizing teen pregnancy, alcohol, sex, drugs & violence.

  3. 1st body paragraph • Topic sentence: Drugs, sex, alcohol and violence. • Reality television consists of unscripted situations offering a closer glimpse at the life of ordinary people. Many of these shows are geared toward teens because they typically watch more television than the average adult and therefore can be more susceptible to its various influences. • Some reality shows show their cast members doing things that are highly inappropriate. When a teen sees people on TV drinking alcohol or smoking, it makes them think that they should also be able to drink or smoke. Some reality shows also condone young ladies dressing in racy attire and acting promiscuous.

  4. 2nd body paragraph: • Topic sentence: How reality TV glamourizes teen pregnancy • Years ago, teenage pregnancy was portrayed as shameful. Girls tended to drop out of school as soon as they started to display the first signs of pregnancy, in attempt to hide it. Today, however, there is a group of young mothers who is not ashamed to share their lives openly with the entire country: the stars of MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and its spin-off reality series, Teen Mom. The publicity and attention that these girls generate from the media essentially glamorizes teenage pregnancy •

  5. 3rd body paragraph: • Topic sentence: How reality TV producers lure in teenagers as their audience. And how it effects their attitude • Reality television producers gear the audience for most reality TV shows toward teenagers and young adults. They make shows that they know will interest teen or something the teens can relate to. Although these shows are not positive influences on teenagers. They are setting bad examples and not showing “reality.” Shows like “My sweet 16” are rediculous! These kids are throwing parties that are nearly a million dollars. When teenagers view these kinds of shows they figure “I should have that to if they do”. These shows are the reason people become greedy and spoiled. They want everything, and they know they can’t have it. It’s just not realistic.

  6. Conclusion: • The shows that reality TV producers make, negatively influence teenagers. The influences include: sex, drugs, alcohol and violence.