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Amanda Rundle VCSE Employment and Skills Strategy Update for Commissioning Board 8 th November 2013. Sector Research. Independent, commissioned – lead partner Transform Research 1 st August 2013 to 30 th Nov 2013

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amanda rundle amanda rundle@cornwallvsf org
Amanda Rundle

VCSE Employment and Skills Strategy

Update for Commissioning Board 8th November 2013


Sector Research

  • Independent, commissioned
  • – lead partner Transform Research
  • 1st August 2013 to 30th Nov 2013
  • In depth interviews with sector leaders and key partners
  • Completed. 24 respondents. 1 hour interviews.
  • Sector Mapping
  • In process. 4,494 organisations identified as of 28th Oct
  • Challenges identifying activity of smaller organisations
  • Online survey and sample follow up interviews
  • In process. Disappointing response.
  • Challenges communicating importance to sector.

Initial Research Findings

SWOT and PEST analysis

  • Key Challenges
  • The perfect storm - austerity, demographic change, globalisation, climate change
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Funding and commissioning
  • Key Strengths
  • Community engagement and support
  • Social enterprise approach
  • Strong track record and relationships

Initial Research Findings

Skills Needs

  • Leadership and management
  • Finance and marketing
  • Business and commercial skills
  • Contract readiness
  • Evaluation, monitoring and measuring
  • Basic skills including safeguarding
  • Sector specific skills such as volunteer management
  • Industry specific skills
  • Co-design and co-delivery of services
  • ICT and digital exclusion

Initial Research Findings

Alternative Delivery Methods

Cross Sector

  • Apprenticeships
  • Mentoring
  • Secondments
  • Job Swaps
  • Work Experience

Initial Research Findings

Indicative findings as of 28th Oct 2013 - subject to change

Sector Mapping

  • 4,494 identified VCSE organisations to date
  • Estimated c 1500 small groups to add
  • Number of employees c 20 – 23,000
  • = 7-9% of working population
  • Female/male employee ratio 70:30
  • Number of volunteers c 150-155,000 = 36% of adult population

Sector Definition -local community and voluntary groups, registered charities, foundations, trusts, social enterprises, community interest companies, charitable incorporated organisations and co-operatives.


Initial Research Findings

Emerging findings as of 30th Oct 2013

- based on 270 on line and telephone interview respondents.

Skills Challenges

  • Cost issues
  • Time pressure issues
  • Timing and access issues
  • Identifying and finding the right courses and training
  • Obtaining higher level skills and qualifications
  • NB Issues generally around accessing training rather than needing more or different except in specific geographical areas and to meet specific sector requirements eg safeguarding

Initial Research Findings

Emerging findings as of 30th Oct 2013

- based on 270 on line and telephone interview respondents.

Skills Needs

  • Bid writing/tendering/grant applications/funding and fundraising
  • ICT skills
  • Management, governance and leadership skills
  • Interagency working/collaboration
  • Safeguarding
  • NB A significant proportion of the small VCSE local groups/individuals providing voluntary support to their local community who have responded stated that they did not anticipate having any skills needs in the next 5 years.

VCSE Employment and Skills Strategy

Updated to reflect research findings and comments on draft outline

  • Focus on strength - 1 in 3
  • Made it SMART – who, how, why, what, when
  • Focus on big ideas
  • Focus on LEP Priorities
  • Focus on ESIF themes, esp. Community Led Local Development and Social Innovation
  • Focus on cross sector training
  • Focus on alternative delivery methods


1 in 3

  • 1 in 3 people contribute to society in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly through volunteering.
  • The VCSE sector is 1 of 3 sectors supporting sustainable growth.
  • Sector organisations develop innovative products and services for People, Planet and Profit.

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector Employment and Skills Strategy

2014 - 2020

“ A skilled workforce increasing the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector contribution to sustainable social, economic and environmental development in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.”

an overview of the vcse employment and skills strategy
An Overview of the VCSE Employment and Skills Strategy


  • Research – Local, National and International – Primary and Secondary
  • Policy and Directives
  • Local plans, reviews and processes including LEP Strategy
  • Good practice guidance
  • VCSE profile, activity and skills
  • Consultation with VCSE, commissioners, planners and partners.

Informed By


VCSE contribution to the Local Enterprise Partnership Economic Development Priorities


LEP Priority 1

Inspiring business to achieve their national and global potential

LEP Priority 3

Creating value out of knowledge

  • VCSE Contribution
  • Engagement with alternative markets/groups/people
  • Making and establishing markets in Cornwall and beyond eg creative sector, renewables
  • Converting grants to economic value
  • Social return on investment
  • Leading by example and knowledge transfer
  • Collaboration
  • VCSE Contribution
  • Collective Social Value
  • Community Led solutions
  • Social Innovation
  • Community engagement and support to progress
  • Human value to economic value
  • Knowledge transfer

Guiding Principle

The culture, communities and environment of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly will remain special and unique

LEP Priority 2

Creating great careers here

LEP Priority 4

Using the natural environment responsibly as a key economic asset

  • VCSE Contribution
  • Engagement and employment of under-represented sections of community eg Women/older people
  • Advice, guidance and support
  • Skills development eg 50+, Active Plus, NEET
  • Volunteering ,Work Experience and Apprenticeships
  • Community based entry level employment
  • Transferable skills development and careers progression between organisations/within the sector
  • VCSE Contribution
  • Community engagement, organisation and share in environmental solutions and products
  • Natural environment as an engagement tool

Cross Cutting Theme Community Led Local Development

VCSE Contribution *Unique skill and key strength of sector * Key principle of VCSE* Community organising*Co-design* Social Enterprise support.* LEADER*

Cross Cutting Theme Social Innovation

VCSE Contribution *Specialism of sector* Market Makers* Knowledge Transfer*

Examples – FAB Labs, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Newquay Pathfinders, Unlocking Potential



“ A skilled workforce increasing the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector contribution to sustainable social, economic and environmental development in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.”



Workforce Skills

A highly skilled, forward thinking, adaptable VCSE workforce providing entry level employment opportunities, career progression routes and added value through volunteering.

2. Innovation and Sustainable Employment

Resilient, sustainable voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations delivering innovative solutions and relevant goods and services.

3. Engagement and Impact

Effective engagement of all sections of the community in social, economic and environmental developments through a coordinated, visible and strong Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector.

  • Guiding Principles
  • Inclusion
  • Active engagement and support to enable full participation by all sections of society.
  • Collaboration
  • Working together within the sector and across disciplines to achieve maximum social and economic impact for people and communities.
  • Sustainablility
  • Developing goods and services which are financially and environmentally sustainable.

VCSE Skills Needs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

These broad areas of skills development activity reflect local need to ensure consistency and quality of vocational and technical skills and the development of high level leadership and management skills to meet current challenges and support growth.


Health and Safety

– to ensure clients safety and promote healthy lifestyles – including safeguarding

Measuring Economic Impact

– reflecting county priorities

Measuring Social Impact

– current and potential for individuals and communities – including Social Value and Social Return on Investment

Vocational Skills

and industry specific training

- at entry and progression levels


– to include face to face, written and virual communication with clients, colleagues, partners and commissioners.

Leadership and Representation

– in organisations and the broader community

Measuring Environmental Impact



of Impact

– for internal and external audiences

Compliance , Policy Development and Implementation

– in line with legal responsibilities and formal agreements including contracts.

Digital Inclusion

and effective use of IT

Planned and delivered flexibly to meet the needs of individuals, organisations and communities



Moving Forwards

  • Full Draft Strategy Consultation to 30th Oct
  • Big Ideas Workshop 22nd Oct
  • Presentations and further consultation Oct/Nov
  • Final Amendments Nov
  • Production of Strategy Booklet for wide distribution Nov
  • Strategy Launch 10th Dec
  • Progress towards implementation plans from Dec/Jan
  • Pilot projects to Dec 2014


Using VCSE Sector Skills Progressing towards Delivery Plans

  • Multi Sector Apprenticeships
  • Multi sector mentoring, secondment and job swap programme
  • Leadership Academy/Virtual (VCSE and Public)
  • Spaces in communities – structured and unstructured
  • Social Knowledge Hub (Cornwall)
  • Social Value frameworks and standard
  • Collaborative Back Office
  • Multi-sector commissioning, tendering and procurement programme
  • Multi-sector social innovation partnership and collaboration programme
  • Digital inclusion programme
  • Sustainable communities research and development programme


– Community Sheds

What? Community Sheds – Stuff and Making

Activity with/associated/sitting under the hub (not necessarily delivered)

2 “Hack” spaces, 2 incubation units, 2 open sheds

Who? VC, Falmouth University, RSA, Community Organisations ie CN4C, PCDT,

+ any interested parties

When? 2014 – Late/2015 (Pilot) proof of Concept

Funding – capital/development

Skilled Co-ordinator to engage and develop

Evaluation/concept proved

Roll Out 16/17

Cost? Use of existing space – CLAYTAC

£75k for pilot Total Programme Cost - £1m/Euro 1.18milion


People engaged

Number of progress units – Employment/training/Business Start

Number of businesses and micro businesses using spaces

Social Value measures

Intergenerational activities


What are the Big Ideas

for Innovation in Employment?

  • How - What are the Big Ideas?
  • Who - Who would/could/should lead/be involved in this?
  • When - The key milestones from 2014 – 2020
  • Cost - Items needing funding and where this might come from.
  • Measurements - Key Performance Indicators

The full draft strategy is available to view on the VSF website

We invited comments and suggestions to be received by 30th October 2013.

The online and telephone survey end date is 6th November 2013.

We will receive headline data on 11th.

Final amendments will be made to the strategy in the context of these findings.

We aim to launch the strategy in December 2013.

Please spread the word and continue to contribute

so that we can ensure that the strategy has the maximum benefit

for the people of Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly.

For further information about the Future Skills Project, the Employment and Skills Strategy

and the work of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

please see our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

13a Kenwyn Street, Truro, TR1 3DJ

Tel: 01872 241584