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gaming consoles…

“ Evolution to the next level ”. Game on…. gaming consoles…. Presented by:- Manindar Singh Ratan Regd.No.:- 0701227611 Branch:- IT, Group:- ‘B’ Sem:- 7 th ,CVRCE.

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gaming consoles…

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  1. “Evolutionto the next level” Game on… gaming consoles… Presented by:- Manindar Singh Ratan Regd.No.:- 0701227611 Branch:- IT, Group:- ‘B’ Sem:- 7th,CVRCE

  2. WHAT IS A GAMING CONSOLE? • Gaming consoles are dedicated devices for playing • playing video games. • An interactive entertainment computer system with • a video display device. • termed as “gaming console” to distinguish it from a • personal computer.

  3. A BRIEF LOOK AT THE PAST… • Magnavoxodyssey was the first gaming • console released in the year 1972. • Atari Pong console was released in 1975. • termed as pioneer of home gaming for • many years. Contd….

  4. In 1985,Nintendo entertainment system entered • the gaming industry. • In 1995,Sony came on scene in with Playstation. • In 2001,IT nemesis MICROSOFT joined the gaming • console bandwagon with the launch of Xbox brand.

  5. BASIC COMPONENTS… • USER control interface. • CPU • RAM • Software kernel. • Storage medium for games. • Video output. • Audio output.

  6. PRESENT SCENARIO………… • Presently, two major players in the gaming console market. • SONY with its “PLAYSTATION 3”(PS3) gaming console. • MICROSOFT with its “XBOX 360” gaming console. • SONY PLAYSTATION 3 launched in 2006 is a successor to SONY’S PS1 and PS2 gaming consoles launched in year 1995 and 2000 respectively. • MICROSOFT XBOX360 launched in 2005 is a successor to its XBOX launched in 2001.

  7. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS……. • FOR PLAYSTATION 3:- • MEDIA:- • blu-ray disc, dvd,cd,digital distribution etc. • OPERATING SYSTEM:- • Xross media bar • CPU:- • 3.2GHz cell broadband engine with 1PPE • & seven SPEs. • contd…

  8. STORAGE CAPACITY:- • Supports 2.5 SATA hard drive ranging from 20GB to 320GB(upgradable) • MEMORY:- • 256MB system and 256MB video • GRAPHICS:- • 550MHz NVIDIA/SCE/RSX “REALITY SYNTHESIZER”

  9. FOR MICROSOFT XBOX360:- • MEDIA:- • DVD, Compact Disc, Download etc • CPU:- • 3.2 GHz power pc tri-core Xenon • STORAGE CAPACITY:- • detachable hard drive ranging from 20GB to 250GB,removable • memory cards (64MB,256MB,512MB).

  10. MEMORY:- • 512MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700MHz. • GRAPHIC PROCESSING:- • 500MHz ATI Xenos, handled by ATI Xenos 10MB eDRAM. • INTERFACE:- • New XBOX experience

  11. ACCESSORIES USED…….. • XBOX360 supports both wired and wireless controllers, face- • plates for customization, headsets for chatting ,webcam for • video chat and “KINECT”. • PLAYSTATION 3 supports accessories like dualshock3, sixaxis, • Logitech drive GT, “PLAYSTSTION MOVE” etc .

  12. GAMING REVOLUTIONIZED……. • Both MICROSOFT and SONY has developed two revolutionary products . • These products are said to break the barriers between virtual and real world. • These products are •  KINECT for XBOX360 •  PLAYSTATION MOVE for “PS3”

  13. PLAYSTATION MOVE……. • PlaystationMove is a motion sensing game controller • platform. • based on the motion controller wand. • uses PS EYE camera to track the wand’s position and inertial • sensors in wand to detect its motion. • Playstation Move motion controller is the main component • of “PS MOVE”.

  14. TECHNOLOGY OF PS MOVE….. • Move motion controller has a glowing “orb” at the head. • PS EYE webcam detects the color of user enviroment • helps the system to dynamically select the orb color. • colored light of orb is tracked by PS EYE webcam. • pair of inertial sensors used to track rotation as well as overall motion. • inertial sensors are also used for “dead reckoning”. PS MOVE motion controller PS EYE


  16. XBOXKINECT…….. • Kinect is an add-on peripheral for MICROSOFT’S XBOX360 gaming console • XBOX360 with KINECT sensor • It is based on controller free gaming and entertainment experience.

  17. TECHNOLOGY OF XBOX KINECT……. • The KINECT device features an RGB camera, depth sensor and • multiarray microphone. • Provides full body 3D motion capture, facial and voice recognition. • Microphone array enables acoustic source localization and • ambient noise suppression. • Depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with • monochrome CMOS sensor. • To showcase the interactive prowess of KINECT, Microsoft has • developed an interactive game called “MILO” .

  18. DEMO FOR XBOX360KINECT….. • Players can interact with a 10 year old child “MILO”. • “MILO” has an artificial intelligence that responds to body movements,facial • expressions,spokenwords,gestures in dynamic situations. • relies on “Procedural Generation System” to simulate life like conversations.

  19. CONCLUSION……. • These two breakthrough technologies show that “INNOVATION” is • devoid of boundaries. • There is nothing like “IMPOSSIBLE” in this “MODERN AGE OF • TECHNOLOGY” .

  20. REFERENCES…… www.wikipedia.com www.youtube.com www.xbox.com in.playstation.com www.gameguru.com

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