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Earth and Its Neighbours PowerPoint Presentation
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Earth and Its Neighbours

Earth and Its Neighbours

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Earth and Its Neighbours

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  1. UNIT 5 Earth and Its Neighbours

  2. A student is asking his teacherabout the sky at night .

  3. DISCUSSION 1-Answer the following questions as you theconversation. A- Is Light from star and Light from planets the same ? _________________________________________ B-What is a galaxy? ___________________________ • 2-Listen to the conversation again and try to findthe answers to these questions : A- Does the moon reflect light?_______________ B- What does a satellite do?_________________ C- Is the sun a star ?____________________

  4. D-Does a star radiate or reflect light? _________________________________ E-Why are star not as bright as the moon ? _________________________________ F- Are there billions of stars in our galaxy ? _________________________________ G- How many galaxies are there in the universe? _________________________________ H- Can we see the other galaxies ? _________________________________

  5. 2- Listen to the conversation at A below .Then practise saying it .Notice the first words of the question and answer. 3- Finally , discuss this question with your teacher: Do you think that life exists on other planets? ____________________________________

  6. Conversation A- Answer these questions . Write short answers where possible.The first one is an example. 1- do planes radiate the own light? _________________________________ 2-Does the moon reflect light? __________________________________ 3-What does a satellite do? __________________________________ 4-Is the sun a star ? __________________________________

  7. 5- Does a star reflect or radiate light? _________________________________ 6- Why are stars not as bright as the moon? _________________________________ 7- Are there billions of star in our galaxy ? _________________________________ 8- How many galaxies are there in the universe ? _________________________________ 9- Can we see other galaxies ? _________________________________

  8. B- Complete there two sentences. 1-A:Do planets radiate light ? B: No,______________ A: Does a planet reflect light? B: _______ , _______ 2- A: Are there billions of stars in our galaxy ? B: Yes,_______________ A: Is there only galaxy in the universe? B: ______,_____________ There are millions.

  9. Word Study

  10. Word Study complete (com plete) (aj) full; whole complete(com plete) (v-reg.) make full;finish completely(completely) (adj) fully;wholly. completion(com pletion) (n) the action of completing. exist(ex ist) (v-reg.) be. live Millions of years ago, huge creatures existed on Earth.

  11. Word Study hard(adj) 1. solid: not easy to break This ground is hard. 2. not to easy to do , learn etc, : difficult -ion(suffix) forms the noun from many verbs. -or(suffix) usually shows the person or thing that does the action.

  12. Word Study radiate (ra diate)(v-reg) send out light and /or heat radiator (ra diator) (n) something that radiates radiation( radi a tion) (n)the action of radiating soft(adj) opposite of hard (definition 1) School

  13. Word Study universe (universe) (n) everything -stars, planets unique (u nique) (adj) the only one of its kind. universal ( uni versal) (adj) every wehre: including everyone .

  14. Choose the correct words from the box and write them in the spaces below. Then copy the sentences in your copybook.

  15. 1. If you heat ice, it___________2. The Earth’s surface is its _______ part. 3. The sun is_______ in the Solar System. It is the only star. 4. Majed did not write the last word. His sentence was not_________ 5. We can see ourselves in a mirror because it_______light.

  16. 6. A nurse is a person who_______sick patients.7. My brother eats almost nothing. He _______ on 1,000 calories a day. 8. People used to tell the time by the _____of the sun.9. There is more _______in Earth’s atmosphere than any other gases. 10. On Earth, most water is in the southern_________

  17. 11. There is only one star in the _______.12. Climbers often need extra _______on very high mountains. 13. In space, there is a ______air. So planes cannot fly there. 14. It is easier to hit a _______object than a moving one. 15- The sun is over 90 ________miles away from Earth.


  19. Questions without when, where, how, etc. often add if when they are inside other questions or statements. Do you know ….? + Does Mars have an atmosphere? ______+ Do you know if Mars has an atmosphere?

  20. Here are some more exampels:Who knows..? + Does the sun have nine planets? — Who knows if the sun has nine planets? Can you tell me …?+ Does the Earth spin around its own axis? ___ Can you tell me if the Earth spins round its own axis? Nobody is sure. . .? + Does life exist anywhere else? .___ Nobody is sure if life exists anywhere else?

  21. At each number below, combine the two sentences 1. Does life exist on other planets? Do you think? 2. What is the date? Do you know? 3. What is the difference between Hijrah and Gregorian dates? Can you explain? 4. What does junk food mean? Can you tell me?

  22. 5.What are modem houses made of? Tell me. 6. How do CFCs destroy the ozone layer? Do you understand? 7. Where does crude oil come from? The map helps to explain. 8. Is water still sold by water sellers? Do you know? 9. Are dates grown here? I cannot remember.

  23. ارجوا الدعاء لي ولي والدي ولمعلمتي ولمن شجعني على عمل الدروس الباوربنت وجميع المسلمين مع تحيات مصممة العروض **YuuShahed