maakhan chor nandkishore n.
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Maakhan Chor Nandkishore PowerPoint Presentation
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Maakhan Chor Nandkishore

Maakhan Chor Nandkishore

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Maakhan Chor Nandkishore

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  1. MaakhanChorNandkishore Presentation by Saniya Bhatia

  2. Lord Krishna loved butter and enjoyed it more by stealing it. Gopisvery happily make yummy butter so that Krishna would come to their home to steal it.

  3. Then they together went to mother Yashoda to complain against Krishna, Balarama & his friends. They said, “Dear Yashoda, your Krishna and Balarama are very happy in stealing our yogurt and butter from wherever we keep it, why don’t you stop your naughty Krishna? Sometimes They steal butter, yogurt and milk and give it to the monkeys''

  4. Then mother Yashoda would inform them, “All right, keep your butter and yogurt carefully so that They may not reach it.''

  5. In reply to this, the gopis said, “Yes, we do so but because we are sometimes busy in our household duties, these naughty boys enter our house somehow or other and steal all butter ''

  6. Now Mother Yashoda got angry & thought to punish her boy after hearing all the complaints.But Krishna promised that he didn't steal butter. Why will he steal when he has so much in his house?

  7. maiyamori main nahinmaakhankhaayo maiyamori main nahinmaakhankhaayo maiyamori main nahinmaakhankhaayo bhorbhayigayiyankepaachhe bhorbhayigayiyankepaachhe madhubanmohepathaayo ... (maiya) [chaarpaharbansi bat bhatakyon saanjhparigharaayo] (2) … (maiya)

  8. When Yashoda saw His sorry face and smile she could not punish him & also Gopishearts were filled with love & affection for Him.

  9. This story shows how Krishna got his name “MakhanChor”- Butter Thief. Little Krishna’s favorite pastime was to steal butter from his mother Yashoda and the village Gopis, yet he was the most lovable child in the village.

  10. MakhanchorNandkishore! By stealing butter the Lord Krishna gave pleasure to His pure devotees.

  11. Quiz Time! How did Krishna enjoy butter more? Why would Gopis make yummy butter? Whom did Krishna & his friends offer butter sometimes? What suggestion did Yashoda give to gopies? Why did Yashoda did not punish Krishna? What was Krishna's favorite pastime? What does, 'MakhanChor' & 'NandKishore' mean? Why did Krishna truly steal butter?

  12. Thank You!Hare Krishna!