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What is a stem cell
What is a Stem Cell

A cell that has the ability to continuously divide and differentiate (develop) into various other kind(s) of cells/tissues.

Diseases cured by stem cell therapy
Diseases cured by stem cell therapy

  • Spinal Cord injuries

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

  • Tooth implanting

  • Deafness & Blindness

  • Baldness etc.,

Spinal cord injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries

  • The stem cells after being extracted from the hipbone (iliac crest) post collected from a patient’s bone marrow is implanted once again into the body few days later.

  • The stem cells that are re-injected are capable to transform into a number of cells which in turn have the capacity to regenerate the tissues destroyed.

Treatment of stroke
Treatment of Stroke

  • A stroke is also known as cerebrovascular accident.

  • Patient’s bone marrow is the source of stem cells.

  • These cells are re-injected into the cells that are destroyed, are capable of changing into multiple cells and can regenerate the tissues destroyed.

Cancer treatment
Cancer Treatment

  • To treat cancer patients, umbilical cord blood stem cells are utilized for conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma.

  • The inopportune side effect of the chemotherapy is given an attempt to be reversed by the Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment of heart damage
Treatment of Heart Damage

  • Various experiments and clinical trials have proven that adult stem cell therapy is safe and effective for hear diseases.

  • The adult stem cell therapy is available on commercial basis in at least 5 continents.

Deafness blindness
Deafness & Blindness

  • Success has been achieved in re-growing cochlea sensory hair cell by stem cell therapy.

  • With the use of embryonic stem cells, researchers have succeeded in growing a thin layer of totipotent stem cells in the laboratory. On transplanting these layers on the damaged retina, stem cell stimulate renewed repair, sooner or later restoring the vision.

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