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clifford satell - haverford, pa

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clifford satell - haverford, pa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Based in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Clifford Satell is a /nskilled writer and efficient communicator. He is a highly /nmotivated problem solver and believes in achieving goals /nwith hard work and dedication. He always keeps himself /nprepared for facing fresh challenges.

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Based in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Clifford Satell is a skilled writer and efficient communicator. He is a highly motivated problem solver and believes in achieving goals with hard work and dedication. He always keeps himself prepared for facing fresh challenges. Cliff is an accomplished student athlete who performs exceptionally well in team situations. He graduated Duke University in Durham, NC, with a Major in Political Science and a minors in Philosophy.


Prior to this, in 2007, Clifford Satell attended the Episcopal Academy, where he led several political, science and debate student-groups and also earned three varsity letters (Soccer, Wrestling and Baseball).

He possesses strong leadership qualities and has gained recognition as an organized and persistent leader. He has been an active participant in several leadership and community activities.


Clifford Satell is a successful professional and has gained a diversity of experience that has served him well from the non-profit world to the realms of technology and marketing.

While at Duke, Cliff Satell was elected President of the Duke Conversation Union, where he organized issue-based programming, recruited speakers and directed meeting/event logistics.


In summer 2010, Cliff worked with Evolve IP as a marketing consultant, where he worked on the front lines of the “cloud” revolution, selling all-in-one cloud-based communications solutions for large enterprises. In addition to this, in spring 2007, he worked as an intern at Turner Gary Sports, a Media, PA based company. At this company, Cliff Satell worked for an MLB agent and was responsible for preparing arbitration cases and providing background research ahead of salary negotiations.


Clifford Satell has also worked for organizations like Merion Golf Club, Craig Williams for Congress, Steve Welch for Congress and National Constitution Ctr. In 2006, he was honored with the rank of an Eagle Scout. Also, Cliff was a team captain on Duke’s award-winning Mock Trial team, where he led his peers in many competitive intercollegiate tournaments.


His team was invited to nationals in Memphis & South Carolina. During his career, Cliff received the “Outstanding Attorney” & “Outstanding Witness” awards. Cliff Satell has a passion for music and he enjoys playing the violin, clarinet and tenor sax.