golden eagle a drianna and k erria n.
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Golden eagle A drianna and K erria PowerPoint Presentation
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Golden eagle A drianna and K erria

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Golden eagle A drianna and K erria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Golden eagle A drianna and K erria. Babie golden eagle and a golden killing an animal. Golden eagles. Picture Of Golden Eagle. Why it is endangered.

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why it is endangered
Why it is endangered.

The ranchers are scared that golden eagle might kill there cows and sheeps. The hunters kills them by knifes, bows arrows, and guns. Golden eagle have been attacked by deers. The golden eagle is endangered for many reasons. Hunters shoot about 20,000 eagles in states.

fun facts
Fun Facts.

The golden eagle lives in north America. This powerful eagle is north America largest bird of prey and national bird of Mexico. Some golden eagles eat tortoises. The golden eagle eats rabbits, mammals, ground squirrles , hares, foxes, deer, mountain goats, and reptiles. A healthy golden eagle lives for 30 years in the wild.


how can we help it
How can we help it.

We need to help the golden eagle because there dieing. We should keep away deers, cause that’s how golden eagle are dieing. We should not have gun shop because that s how hunters kill golden eagle. On other website it says that , we should keep away hunters houses because the golden eagle live in the woods. I think we should stop killing golden eagle cause they might be born they should put a sign by road that says NO SHOOTING or NO HUNTING, that will make them stop.

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