Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose
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Digital Ocean vs AWS: What hoster to choose? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose

A hoster may focus on a specific geography, specialize or concentrate on a specific infrastructure type like Cloud. There are hosters that primarily serve SMBs and others that target enterprises. Others, offer only a few types of infrastructure services and are equipped with a low range of technical capabilities or position as full-service shops and can take on almost any kind of engagement.

Today, we are going to compare 2 great companies, services, operations, procedures and what do they offer to us, so we can take advantage of these companies in order to create and set up our cloud infrastructure and develop any application.

We cannot say that Digital Ocean is fighting AWS for the entire cloud computing business, but what we can say is that its actually is attracting a little portion of it. Digital Ocean Primary offer is to host small applications or developing environments to people who is looking for something affordable Developers is the niche that Digital Ocean is attracting a lot.

Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose

Amazon Web Services

The Giant in the cloud computing business, it provides a variety of servers, all of them with different specifications and characteristics, so you can create from the simplest application or website to the most complex and scalable project. Implement any IT solution to it and monitor its health with more than 30 tools that they offer in their panel.

With AWS you’ll find a complete cloud platform ready for use for virtuallize any workload, from business applications, big data or building games, Amazon web services gives you access to the resources you need to create sophisticated, scalable applications of any size or shape.

You’ll find a large selection of computational resources to your application, with support for I/O storage, and CPU intensive workloads, experimentation becomes easy and low risk with on-demand access to a wide range of hardware configurations and flexibility to evaluate and run virtually any technology or tool + your application can grow automatically as you need to change.

Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose

Digital Ocean

The new cloud hosting provider with headquarters in New York, launched in 2011 has simplified the creation of Linux instances to a simple click. Its technology as well has its service, has been recognized by a lot of people all around the globe.

It provides a true IaaS platform and enables additional features to make it the easiest system to use overall. You can deploy any stack with some services already integrated in less than a minute with their called Droplets. Their most popular Linux distributions are (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Fedora), and with just one more click you can launch several applications like Ruby Apps, Node js Apps, LAMP stack, Docker, etc.

Digital Ocean has the best pricing of all cloud providers. Their prices are very affordable and they don’t hit you with hidden charges for add-ons like more traffic and fixed IP addresses.

Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose

So what should you consider to choose?

From an expert view, we can tell you a few points in how to choose any type of instance, or Droplet in any of these two hosting environments: Disk space, RAM memory, Cores, Does it has SSD technology? Bandwidth, location of the server for latency, do they bill you hourly or monthly and what options do they give you to reduce costs.

Digital ocean vs aws what hoster to choose

If you are using a cloud compute service, you likely use other types of cloud services. When evaluating compute services you should consider the provider’s ability to fulfill other hosting requirements you may have. Some other types of cloud services include.

Additional Storage

Content Delivery Network

Managed DNS

Databases as a Service

Platform as a Service

Every hoster has its strengths, technology, and marketing strategies to offer their services, its all about focus, investigating and comparing whose services do you need.

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