Vic pln 2010 highlights from t he blogs
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Vic PLN 2010 Highlights from t he Blogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logo from Course Site. Vic PLN 2010 Highlights from t he Blogs. Learning Doing Creating Publishing Sharing Wendy Egan. Blog: Stretching Boundaries. Blog: The wonders of web 2.0. Blog: You Must Read This.

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Vic pln 2010 highlights from t he blogs

Logo from Course Site

Vic PLN 2010Highlights from the Blogs

Learning Doing

Creating Publishing


Wendy Egan

Blog stretching boundaries
Blog: Stretching Boundaries

Blog the wonders of web 2 0
Blog: The wonders of web 2.0

Blog you must read this
Blog: You Must Read This

Quote: “Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.” W. C. Fields (1880 – 1946)

I like W. C. Fields.

Ted the Dog

Blog beginner

Blog tidy guide to appreciating the teen male communication system
Blog: TidyGuide to appreciating the teen male communication system’

‘Guide to appreciating the teen male communication system’

Engaging with teenagers in a meaningful way is a huge challenge particularly on topics about which they feel they know far more than we do.

Blog shoes ships and sealing wax
Blog: Shoes Ships and Sealing Wax

Blog karen webster
Blog: Karen Webster

  • I also came across this came through Google Reader … This guy is amazing. I would love to have him speak to the students in our school.

Blog caroline s vic pln
Blog: Caroline’s Vic PLN

  • Falling Behind, Time To Catch Up

    • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

  •  a great link to a science experiments videos from Ed Tech Crew that I have emailed to my Science teachers 

Blog hayley s pln personal learning network 2
Blog:Hayley’s PLN(Personal Learning Network 2)

Blog beginner blog
Blog: Beginner Blog

Quote: “how to use technology is the biggest challenge, not whether it is good or bad”

This house: settling in Ballarat. 

easy to view the content and it showed how 4 different families lived in the one house during different periods of time, … you learned a little of the history and culture …in Ballarat.


Blog sue s blog
Blog: Sue’s Blog

Blog rachel s space
Blog: Rachel’s Space

Time is my enemy in this process.

Blog the wonders of web 2 01
Blog: The wonders of web 2.0

Blog read a good book lately
Blog: Read A Good Book Lately?

Blog rakali s blog
Blog:Rakali’s Blog

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Blog pln cre art
Blog: plncre-art

IWB jigsaw - has an intereactive gallery. The animato video could be placed in the jigsaw program & can then be played with to re form the picture + the music = a really inspirational bit of fun … Find this at

Blog pln blog
Blog: PLN Blog

Twitter smitter

I started a twitter account today. I’ve decided I don’t like twitter.

Blog pln for headless writer
Blog: PLN for Headless Writer

Abbott And Costello 13 X 7 is 28

Blog pln adventure
Blog: PLN Adventure

Blog the wonders of web 2 02
Blog: The wonders of web 2.0

  • From Google educators Success in teaching teens to search the internet. “I think it would be a good one for the staff who think that because kids can enter a search term into Google, they can research.”

Blog pln 101
Blog: PLN 101

Blog night owl
Blog: Night Owl

Blog nicole s blog
Blog: Nicole’s Blog

“Ana Maria Menezes (Life Feast blog) says it all - you need to explore a number of webtoolsbefore choosing the one that best suits the needs and skill of your learner. Well I’m exploring!”

Blog a baker s blog
Blog: A Baker’s Blog

  •  “GoAnimate” which I described to him as “a place to create a Flash animation without having to be confused or intimated by using Flash itself”.

Blog ms scott s blog
Blog: Ms Scott’s Blog

Blog miffy the cute little bu nny
Blog: Miffy: the cute little bunny

Blog a to z aardvark to zymurgy
Blog: A to Z: Aardvark to zymurgy

Creative Commons

A to Z: Aardvark to zymurgy

Blog marie s blog
Blog: Marie’s Blog

Blog my remote world
Blog: My Remote World

Blog lynn s pln
Blog: Lynn’s PLN

ICTuesdayPD session for staff


Blog my world
Blog: My World

Many thanks to Judith and all my new PLN friends for such an exiciting and wonderful learning experience. Let the journey continue ……

Google Wave is a great idea for meetings