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Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase PowerPoint Presentation
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Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase

Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase

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Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase

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  1. Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase 2012

  2. Creates a high performing writeable, erasable surface virtually anywhere Great For: • Conference rooms, offices, dorm rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, cafes and more • Desks, doors, hallways, walls and columns • School Districts: Old Chalkboards & Old Dry Erase Boards 16,850 school districts in the US! Rust-Oleum Professional Dry Erase

  3. For professionals only: Only available at paint stores. Not available at home centers Consumer version that PPG is currently sourcing through Lancaster is NOT recommended for commercial use Professional Dry Erase: For the Pros

  4. Packaging that targets the Professional Painting Contractor • Kit Pack: Part A Activator (WB hydroxy acrylic base in gallon) & Part B Base (blended isocyanate activator in tall quart); 2ct. Roller covers, Instruction sheet • 200 sq. ft. coverage • 3:1 mix ratio Professional Dry Erase: For the Pros

  5. Two SKU’s Available: White: Traditional White Dry Erase- non yellowing formula Clear: Unique to the category and provides endless color opportunities Sku Information

  6. Pricing Per Sq. Foot Comparison vs. Idea Paint

  7. Application • Repair all wall damage prior to painting (The smoother the surface, the smoother the application, allowing markers to erase easier) • Old Chalkboards will need to be cleaned using one of the following methods: • Mild acid/detergent solution such as a one part household vinegar to three part water solution and a small amount of common household detergent • Rust-Oleum®Concrete Saver 108 Cleaning Etching Solution • Common bathroom cleaners such as Kaboom®Shower and Tub & Tile cleaner • Clean and let dry before applying Zinsser® BIN primer. • Bare Dry Wall will need to be primed with Zinsser® BIN (let the primer dry for 2 hrs before applying the Dry Erase coating). Sand, remove sanding dust and apply the Pro Dry Erase coating. • IMPORTANT: Zinsser® BIN should always be recommended as the primer when a primer is required.

  8. Application continued… • Apply with roller covers included in the kit (9” ¼ inch woven lint free roller covers) • Edge with a high quality brush • One heavy coat of Pro Dry Erase is recommended • Mix material has a one hour pot life (no induction time required) • Clear Dry Erase will appear “milky” but Dry Clear • Pro Dry Erase paint should be allowed to cure for 7 DAYS before the use of dry erase markers • For best results, to avoid marker crawling, clean the surface with a dry erase liquid cleaner prior to first use

  9. Primers • Zinsser® BIN is the recommended primer before applying the top coat • Why? • BIN’s unique alcohol/shellac based formula provides the fastest CURE TIME before applying the top coat. BIN can be top coated with Pro Dry Erase after 2 hours. With ordinary latex and oil based primers, a cure time of seven days is required before top coating. • BIN provides the smoothest finish which is extremely important for the top coat • BIN provides the greatest adhesion on a wide variety of old chalkboards • Note: Although BIN is a premium-priced primer, it allows the job to be completed the same day. Therefore, value can also be realized in time saved. 5 Gal: WMZ00900 1 Gal: WMZ00901 Stocked in PPG’s Distribution Centers

  10. Lessons Learned • Crayola® Dry Erase Crayons • The use of Dry Erase crayons are not recommended over the Pro Dry Erase surface. • Dry Erase crayons left a wax residue “shadow” on all Dry Erase surfaces tested (including standard Dry Erase Boards) • Overtime, the thin wax film can affect the gloss finish • EXPO® Pink Ribbon Dry Erase Markers • These markers “ghost” on all Dry Erase surfaces