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Watertown Daily Times. The Newspaper in Education Website. http://niewatertownny.wikispaces.com/. NIE Institute. Target Date. Bully Bust. Every Monday….

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The newspaper in education website
The Newspaper in Education Website


NIE Institute

Target Date

Bully Bust

Every monday
Every Monday…

The Mini Page brings a wide variety of topics right into your classroom with clear, concise information to present to your students. Each week there is an extended activity guide on our Wiki:


A Newspaper Reader -- Issue 10

March 5-11, 2011

This week's standard: Students use the structure of text to construct meaning. (Language Arts: Reading)


1. Draw pictures of people reading newspapers in four

different places.

2. Draw a star on your favorite story or feature in these

sections: local news, sports, and comic strips.

3. Have several friends tell you the "news" they would like

to see in the newspaper. Make a front page with headlines

for your friends' stories.

4. Circle something in the newspaper that shows how your

paper is a (a) salesperson, (b) record keeper, (c) entertainer, and (d) community helper.

5. Read the editorials and letters to the editor for

several days. Then write a paragraph explaining how these

features are important for your community.

(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

Mothers of invention a celebration of women s history month
Mothers of InventionA celebration of Women’s History Month

Monday-Friday, March 28 – April 1, 2011

  • Q: What do the inventors of the following items have in common?

  • •The first washing machine (1871)

  • • The first dishwasher (1872)

  • • The first car heater (1893)

  • • The first medical syringe (1899)

  • • The first windshield wipers (1903)

  • • The first refrigerator (1914)

  • • The first engine muffler (1917)

  • A: They were all women

Understanding news media
Understanding News Media

9 Lessons plus a Graphic Organizer

The goal of these Newspaper In Education materials is to help teach young people to think critically and act responsibly as they navigate communication media. The internet and other emerging technologies have changed news media forever. The reader has become not only a consumer of news and information but if he or she chooses, a collaborator or creator as well. The features and graphic organizers were created for middle school students but with modification could be used by younger or older students.

Available in April on the Newspaper in Education Wiki

American bar association law day

The theme for Law Day 2011 has been announced by the American Bar Association - "The Legacy of John Adams, from Boston to Guantanamo."

John Adams believed that everyone deserved a proper legal defense.  Just five years before the American Revolutionary War began, he represented the British officer and soldiers charged with firing into a crowd of protestors and

American Bar AssociationLaw Day

killing five civilians in the "Boston Massacre."  In keeping with the spirit of Adams and this year's theme, the NYNPA NIE program in partnership with the Law, Youth and Citizenship program of the NYS Bar Association will develop a 5-part series highlighting significant defense cases throughout American history.

Law Day is May 1st – Series will run May 2nd – May 6th

Watertown daily times

2011 American Bar Association -

Summer reading program 2011
Summer Reading Program 2011 American Bar Association -

Newspapers and public libraries  present a unified approach in support of literacy, specifically in support of summer reading. North Carolina Newspapers in Education (NIE) developed a summer series, coordinating with the themes chosen by the national Collaborative Summer Library Program (www.cslpreads.org/).

Each feature offers an activity that relies on news and information. There are 18 features with the heading: One World, Many Stories and 8 features with the heading: You are Here. Each feature directs readers to public libraries to learn more.

Watertown daily times

Get the News American Bar Association -

About Me

People, Near and Far

A Telling Story!

Calling for human interest!

Prepare to Write!

Writing With A Storyboard!

Tell Stories In New Ways!

A Picture’s Worth

One World, Many Stories

  • Knowing Your Community

  • A Community’s Roots and Branches

  • One Community, Many Voices

  • The Language in Sports

  • Trace Stories

  • Come to a Party!

  • Celebrate!

  • Experience Art and Music!

  • Where Foods Grow

You Are Here

  • Our Town

  • Many People

  • Come Here

  • A Place to Visit

  • Many Squares, One Quilt!

  • Global Citizenship

  • Visit the Whole World

  • A Passport to the World

Watertown daily times

F American Bar Association - all


Famous new yorkers
Famous New Yorkers American Bar Association -

The series of features, teaching guide and audio podcasts will run in early October.

This year's profiles in alphabetical order include:

Millard Fillmore

Benjamin Franklyn Goodrich

Kate Gleason

Jupiter Hammon

Lena Horn

Charlotte Pruyn Hyde

Michael “King” Kelly

Madeleine L’Engle

The Statue of Liberty

Elmer A. Sperry

William Steig

Harriet Tubman

And from OUR area:

Julius Sterling Morton – Secretary of Agriculture under Grover Cleveland – Founder of Arbor Day B. Adams, NY - Jefferson County (April 22, 1832 – April 27, 1902)

Geography week november 2011
Geography Week – November 2011 American Bar Association -

Serial story
Serial Story American Bar Association -

Not yet selected

Will start after Thanksgiving Break, and end before Christmas Vacation

Will have a teacher’s guide

If you would like to be on a panel of teachers to help me select it, please email me

Watertown daily times

Mary Sawyer American Bar Association -

Watertown Daily Times

Newspaper in Education Coordinator



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