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Update on Testing. First four weeks of testing As of April 7, 2014. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS). On March 27, CETE was hit with the first distributed denial of services (DDOS). Originated outside of the United States

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Update on testing

Update on Testing

First four weeks of testing

As of April 7, 2014

Distributed denial of service ddos
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

  • On March 27, CETE was hit with the first distributed denial of services (DDOS).

    • Originated outside of the United States

    • A DDOS results in such large amounts of data sent to server that it prevents legitimate uses of that server.

    • Issue was reported at 7:15am and mitigated by 12:50pmthat same day.

    • Eliminating IP addresses from offshore locations curbed the effects of this first attack.

A second ddos attack
A Second DDOS Attack

  • On Tuesday, April 1 CETE was hit by a second DDOS attack.

  • This second, separate attack was 100X stronger than the one from the previous week

  • After the second attack, CETE enlisted the services of a contractor specializing in mitigating the effects of a DDOS.

  • With contractor support, CETE was able to identify traffic that was “malicious.” Initially, some legitimate school traffic was misidentified.

Important clarifications and assurances
Important Clarifications and Assurances

  • No student record was ever in jeopardy.

  • A DDOS is an incoming surge only.

  • No data has been compromised.

  • CETE is continuing to strengthen security and will work this summer to create redundancies to avoid the effects of this type of attack in the future.

  • An external security audit of KITE will be conducted by Fall 2014 to confirm security of data.

Lessons learned from kite prior to ddos
Lessons Learned from KITE (Prior to DDOS)

  • Students kicked out of tests during testing. Date reported: 3/10/14; Date resolved: 3/11/14

  • System running slowly. Date reported: 3/11/14; Date resolved: 3/18/14

  • Tools not always appearing for items. Items occasionally don’t load. Administrators can’t reactivate tickets. Date reported: 3/12/14; Date resolved: 3/14/14

  • Audio problems. Date reported: 3/12/14; Date fully resolved: 3/26/14

  • Use of Educator Portal exceeded capacity causing both Educator Portal and Test Delivery Engine to shut down. Date reported: 3/25/14; Date resolved 3/25/14; Permanent fix 3/28/14

District information what are students taking the test on
District Information: What are students taking the test on?

83% are taking the tests using the KITE client

15% are using an iPad

About 1,500 students used a Chromebook (0.36%)

The remaining 2% are using the internet through an unsupported browser.

Chromebook and Safari (in-app) were also not supported this year but appear to be working