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Final 2011. Alternative Finals. Line Design with Shading . Supplies . All you need is paper Sharpie colored pencils Start by drawing a curve line across the paper.  Think rolling hill...not roller coaster!.

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alternative finals
Alternative Finals

Line Design with Shading


All you need is

  • paper
  • Sharpie
  • colored pencils

Start by drawing a curve line across the paper.  Think rolling hill...not roller coaster!

Add 8 dots across the line.  They could be (should be) at different lengths apart.  You need a dot at relatively close to the edges of your paper. 
You will then start connecting the dots.  The dots close to the edge will go off the edge of the paper to an imaginary dot.  You cannot cross over any lines.  However, you can share a line as you begin going up and out. 

The lines should be taken off the edge of the paper as you extend outwards.  Some sections may be pinched off as other sections grow larger...and that is totally ok. 

Design A Hat from Paper Bag

Reprinted with permission of the artist, Mr. paper’s blog and Mingei Museum

you may use only the following items
You may use only the following items;
  • Brown paper bags that I will provide
  • You may bring in paper bags but they must be brown and I need to approve them
  • White glue
  • You will need to fill out the rubric when you hand in the assignment.
  • Rubric can be found at
Tips from the artistOn Sunday I had the pleasure of speaking with Moses the artist whose work you will see here these are some of the ideas he gave me.
  • Start by just putting a paper bag on your head till you find one that fits (I don’t have many sizes so you may need to bring some in.
  • If no bag fits try making darts in a larger bag till you can get it to fit.
  • Use clips to hold pieces together while gluing
  • Use your surroundings to help give you ideas
  • Think texture as well as shape and form
Moses made over two hundred and fifty hats simply by twisting, folding, piercing and gluing together brown paper bags.
Moses says he "feels like the luckiest guy in the world" because he was given "The Paper Bag Hat Assignment."
He saw designs in trees and in mountains. Some are quite simple — just a bag cleverly folded and shaped into a head covering.
The rays of Sun Rook were made from at least 100 paper bags, which were twisted tightly, bent in half and glued onto a form, so that more than 200 points bristle from its crown.
others like anthurium and gothic knight rely on the bag s crisp texture to hold intricate pleats
Others, like Anthurium and Gothic Knight, rely on the bag's crisp texture to hold intricate pleats.
To achieve the soft texture of Beethoven and Dahling, bags were twisted and crumpled repeatedly until the fibers just gave up and the paper became like flannel.
If you are a senior or any one that will be gone Friday June 10thYou need to meet with me Wednesday June 8th for me to get a look at your work. Have your rubric filled out.If you want teacher input get things done before dead line of Friday June 10thGrading is based not only on art work but how you work in class.Students who work harder will be given higher grades. You may use the internet or computers for any of the finalI am not responsible for missing or lost papers. Please label your work and put it away at the end of class.

Everything is due Friday June 10th

Would you like a free 100

You just need to clean the rooms of any and all art work that belongs to you!

With the exception of your final

Taking art next year

  • All images drawings papers with your work on it must be removed by Thursday June 9th
  • If you want me to store items please give me your finished pieces for next year.
  • If you are a junior You may store only finished pieces in your senior drawer after the senior occupying it has removed and cleaned out their drawer

Not Taking art next year

  • All images drawings papers with your work on it must be removed by Friday June 10th

Any  pieces left after Friday June 10th will result in a loss of you 100 (except pieces accepted by me)