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GridNexus A Grid Services Scientific Workflow System

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GridNexus A Grid Services Scientific Workflow System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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About Grid Computing

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About Grid Computing

Grid computing is an emerging technology with a goal of maximizing the utilization of distributed resources. For example, MCNC has a state-wide license for a very expensive piece of software, called Gaussian, which they would like to make accessible to the UNC System. Currently, scientists need an account at MCNC to upload their data, run Gaussian, then download the results. Grid technology will enable users to easily and seamlessly utilize these remote resources.

This project is funded by the University of North Carolina Office of the President and UNCW’s Division for Information Technology Systems

The requirements and goals for the RFP Initiatives in Computational Sciences included:

  • Multi-disciplinary multi-institutional effort
  • Collaborate and share technical, education, and research expertise and resources
  • Contribute toward the development of the North Carolina cyberinfrastructure
  • Develop advanced problem solving methods
  • Involve one or more community colleges in North Carolina

Why GridNexus?

Like the building blocks in a set of children's Legos, GridNexus connects modules for a visual representation for workflow execution. A user adds a module for input, connects it to another module which runs a program, finally connecting that to output modules to display results. These workflows can be saved for use in larger more complex workflows as well as simply being run again with new input.

Basic Math with addition and multiplication

Rotation of chemistry atoms to a specified orientation

Running BLAST for biology to find similar DNA sequences

Student Publications and Presentations

  • Paper published by International Journal of Computer Information Systems, June 2005.
  • IEEE SouthEastCon 2005, Ft Lauderdale, FL, April 2005
  • GlobusWorld2005, Boston, MA, Feb 2005*
  • IEEE SouthEastCon, 2004, Greensboro, NC, March 2004*

*Student travel supported by CSURF Program initiated by Chancellor DePaolo

Collaborating Institutions:

East Carolina

Cape Fear Community College

North Carolina State

North Carolina Central

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Wilmington

Applications of Multidisciplinary Research

Biology: BLAST, WEKA, and EMBOL

Business: Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Chemistry: Mole Orientation and Gaussian

Computer Science: JXPL, User Interface, GRIDTECH

Education: Grid Computing Courses (Fall04/Fall05)

Mathematics: Primality Discovery


A Grid Services Scientific Workflow System

William J Shipman1, Allen W Rawls1, Amy M Curley1

Advisors: Dr Ron Vetter1, Dr Clayton Ferner1, Dr Jeff Brown2

Departments of 1Computer Science, 2Mathematics and Statistics

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Shipman, Rawls, Curley

April 12, 2005