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RHYME and REASON. Why is rhyme an essential element of poetry?. Rhyme. Two words that differ only initial sound Three types of rhyme placement: End Rhyme Initial Rhyme Medial Rhyme. Placement of Rhyme. 1. End Rhyme – xxxxxxxx fill/ xxxxxxxx spill

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rhyme and reason


Why is rhyme an essential element of poetry?

  • Two words that differ only initial sound
  • Three types of rhyme placement:
    • End Rhyme
    • Initial Rhyme
    • Medial Rhyme
placement of rhyme
Placement of Rhyme

1. End Rhyme – xxxxxxxx fill/xxxxxxxx spill

2. initial Rhyme – We xxxxxxx/ see xxxxxxxx

3. Medial Rhyme

Internal Rhyme: xxxx thou xxxx cow

Close Rhyme: hug xxx lug xxx

Interlaced Rhyme: xxxx door xxxx/ xxxx floor xxxx

types of rhyme
Types of Rhyme

1. Perfect Rhyme – however many syllables rhyme , initial sound is different.

  • Example: run/sun; honey/bunny; hominy/domini

2. Identical Rhyme – rhyming words are identical

-Ex. :bear/bear;hairy/hairy;element/element

Rich rhyme – when the rhyming words are homonyms: bear/bare

3. Near Rhyme –approximate rhymes chosen for poetic effect.

rhyme scheme
Rhyme Scheme
  • Mark the first line with a. Mark all other lines in the entire poem that rhyme with it as a. (If there are no others then do not worry)
  • Find the first line in the poem that does not rhyme with a. Mark it b. Mark all other lines in the poem that rhyme with that line b.
  • Continue with the next unmarked line. Follow the procedure until all rhyming lines are marked.
  • Rhymeless lines you can leave unmarked or mark them with an x.
effects of rhyme scheme
Effects of Rhyme scheme
  • Delayed rhyme – putting off expected rhyme
    • (suspense)
  • Accelerated rhyme – moving up anticipated rhyme

- (surprise)