Pre packaged deli lunches
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Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches. 2008 CBCJ Class Item By: Kasey Bozeman. Why Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches?. Convenient No Preparation Needed Nutritional Variety Available Inexpensive Fun. Basic Information.

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Pre packaged deli lunches l.jpg

Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches

2008 CBCJ Class Item

By: Kasey Bozeman

Why pre packaged deli lunches l.jpg
Why Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches?

  • Convenient

  • No Preparation Needed

  • Nutritional

  • Variety Available

  • Inexpensive

  • Fun

Basic information l.jpg
Basic Information

  • Pre-packaged deli lunches are meals pre-packaged and ready-to-eat for lunch. Usually these foods allow the consumer to “create” his or her own meal with the ingredients in packaging (ex. pizzas, cracker sandwiches, etc.)

  • Things to consider when judging pre-packaged deli lunches:

    • meal choices

    • nutrition

    • optional drink, dessert, etc.

    • cost

Nutrition vocabulary l.jpg
Nutrition Vocabulary

  • Calorie - the amount of energy you get from a serving of food

  • Fat - a nutrient that supplies the body with energy; too much fat can lead to health problems

  • Sodium - (salt) a nutrient that occurs in foods naturally in small amounts, but is usually added for flavoring

Pre packaged deli lunch nutrition l.jpg
Pre-Packaged Deli Lunch Nutrition

  • Positives:

    • Most usually contain protein-rich foods like meat and cheese.

    • Often provide half of the meat (2.5 ounces) and dairy products (1.5 ounces) needed per day.

    • Grains are usually also included, often in the form of crackers. Whole grains are better than refined products. Look for whole grains!

Pre packaged deli lunch nutrition6 l.jpg
Pre-Packaged Deli Lunch Nutrition

  • Negatives:

    • Usually no fruits or vegetables provided.

    • Sometimes candy included for dessert.

    • Occasionally 100% fruit juice is included, but instead it’s usually a “fruit drink” or punch full of sugar. Look for 100% fruit juice, low-fat or fat free milk, or water!

    • Sodium: The DRV for sodium is 2400mg. Most deli pre-packaged lunches have 1000mg. Look for low sodium!

    • Fat: The DRV for fat is 70g. Lots of pre-packaged deli lunches are high in fat. Look for “low fat” or “lean” products. Even if the label claims this, you still need to compare labels!

Variety of pre packaged deli lunches l.jpg
Variety of Pre-Packaged Deli Lunches

  • There are lots different types of pre-packaged deli lunches.

  • Here’s a long and incomplete list of examples: cracker stackers, pizza, wraps, nachos, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken dunks, chicken shakers, pizza dunks, and tacos. And just think, this doesn’t include the different meats, cheeses, toppings, etc. offered!

  • When you are judging this class, read the scenario carefully to see if it requires a certain type of pre-packaged deli lunch.

Possible ideas to consider l.jpg
Possible Ideas to Consider …

  • Type Requested – crackers, pizza, etc.

  • Items Packaged – does it have a drink or dessert?

  • Nutrition – low in calories, fat, sodium

  • Cost